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  • Nick Nick Apr 27, 2011 18:27 Flag

    Bale price tag

    Well everyone has their price no matter how pinnacle they are to your squad, and you also have to take into account that Spurs is on the stock market and Levy and the board have to also make decisions on what’s best for profit of the club. Legally if someone offered £100 million for a player no matter how much they would want to keep him they would have to sell or at least have a shareholder vote on the matter.

    So what do you think is Bales price tag???

    The amount at which the club as a business can’t viably say no to.

    I think its £50 million.

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    • your best bet is to sell bale and a few more and buy a top class goalie and a few top class players with the money you get. gomez is like almunia, one game great and then next game poor. at least 5 or 6 games htis season the gaolies made bad errors. thats cost you 4th abit like us at least 4 games we should have won , but ended a draw..

    • B2S,
      I don't think Bale is any worse - but then I never believed the hype that is the media. He wasn't 'bad' in that period when he played and Spurs failed to win. It was a good story though. He's not a 'god' now.
      It seems that loads of people get sucked in to a 'belief' and just don't want to take notice of what they see and know. The media love blowing things out of proportion as it sells.

      In the Chelsea game, we sat back more, so you could say that Daffy, Pav, VdV, Lennon and Bale were poor - but if the emphasis is on defence (whether intentional or enforced), then the attacking players are given less chance to 'shine'.

    • good post born2suffer.

      bale,vdv & corluka have been playing when not 100% lately.

      but agreed that bale lacks confidence & defenders have been wiser to him.

      maybe your right & we could sell him for 50m this summer & then he ends up never recapturing his form & is a proven flash in the pan.

      or we sell him for 50m & he turns out to be world class for the next 10yrs & we are left to rue selling him.
      then we we waste the money on more pavs, keanes & bentleys!

      bale is a very good player so i hope we keep him but it wouldnt be a complete suprise if defenders have wised up to him & he never reproduces those inter moments.

      i dont think naughton will make it here but walker should if he improves a bit defensively.

      i agree, why did we get pieneer when we have the likes of niko on the bench.

      we were close to getting charlie adams too, it beggers belief!

    • I usually try not to be negative, but lately Bale is not a quarter of the player he was early season. Either he simply isn't fit, lacks confidence or defenders have sussed how to play him....probably a bit of all three.

      Either way, against Chelski he was IMO absolute crap and Lennon not much better. I know Bale is young, but I fear we have seen the best of him and like a lot of other players he has had his flash in the pan and will now be less impressive week in week out. I so hope I'm wrong about him.

      Could be a good time to sell him for megabucks and get a couple of players in. Centre Back and Striker would do for me. And bring back Walker and Naughton as soon as you like ..........keep hold of Krankjar and send Piennair back to Everton.

      And Gomes, potentially a great great keeper but high maintenance at times with his inexplicable cock-ups.....a real dilemma.

    • good point about modric kentish. he is the dictator of our team but at utd or chelsea he wouldnt have that much control.

      i think both bale & modric will stay with us next season even thou we arent in the CL.

      but im not so sure about vdv?

      if we end up outside the top 5 next season which will mean 2 seasons in a row without CL football, then i think we will lose bale,modric & vdv.

      id say only sell them if they want to go.

      we should be able to get 50m for bale in the current market.

      but to answer your question nick,

      i reckon 80m is the amount where we couldnt say no.

    • Claudio Ranieri.

    • Showing my age and maybe a suspect memory but Greavsey used to score goals like Messi's second goal last night. Maybe not as quick but had all the ability to dribble through defences in the same way. Anyone else old enough to remember how good he was?

    • Yup, makes you shudder how good that man is!

    • Whatever price it is Nick, it pales into insignficance with what Messi must be worth after tonight's two wonder goals.

    • Blimey is this simple question so hard to answer lol?

      I'll see if I can say it again.

      What in YOUR OPINION is the price a team would have to pay in order for Spurs to let them talk to Bale?

      Simple enough question thats getting compitcated answers that dont even answer it lol

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