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  • john john Jul 28, 2011 01:01 Flag

    One pre season goal....

    I think so many of us are too pessimistic, but we should wait and see, because we will be getting new strikers in, although no guarantee they'll fit in, but that's the same with any new player I guess..We should remember this squad (without Sandro and VdV ) got us into the CL and if our strikers had scored their normal quota, I think we would have finished easily 4th and even possibly 3rd..As we know, we did'nt get a striker in the Jan window, but it seem's we were aiming high with the player's mentioned, but didnt have no luck..with the keeper's, well, I dont know why we didnt try for Given unless it was that city wouldnt sell to direct rival, and why arnt we trying for Ben Foster? but Freidel, although getting on is probably a safer bet than Gomez..think how many points he cost us through his mistake's even allowing for the odd one that anyone can make, plus if he gets a little knock, he become's an embarrassment, and I think the player's lose confidence in him....If we can get goal's this season, then I can see us doing well, because as Arse and the Chav's stand at the moment we can match them, and Liverpool are buying good player's but are relying on Carrol to score load's, but his not that good from what I've seen of him, although Suarez look's very good, so their overloaded with midfielder's but no cover up front..so I say wait and see, we'll get our grey hair when the season start's so why start fretting now? COYS