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  • might be wrong, but my understanding is he would only be cup-tied if both club's were in the same competition, so he could play in europa for us and CL for Chav's, but if they fail to qualify and drop to europa, he become's cup-tied

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    • agreed about kalou & beni being bad signings.

      they are both ok players but not better than what we have & would just be more squad players on the wage bill.

      sturridge would be the only realistic player they could throw in to a deal.

      i hope levy stays firm at his 35m valuation!

      if modric plays against hearts & we go through to the next round, modric can't play in the CL.

      if modric plays and hearts knock us out, he can still play in the CL.

      i assumed we would be using the Europa league to to play subs & fringe players.

      so i doubt modric would have played anyway!