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  • Glad I'm not seeing this 4 and counting...I'll get me coat...

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    • Grab my coat too while your at it.


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      • TBH I was going to come on and say something but it's been said a million times - our weaknesses are there for everyone to see - and we've been done today.

        However, both Man Utd and City have spend heavily in the market - Man Utd pretend they haven't but remember they broke records for years at the players they brought in (Rooney, Ferdinand, Berbatoss, Veron.....)

        I'm getting a bit fed up with the footy at the minute as no one can be bloody bothered without 100,000 a week and a kick about. I see players coming off smiling and joking and I've no time for it anymore.

        Just can't be assed watching a bunch of fairy's knocking it about, not caring about the result and engineering a move away.

        By the way I'm glad we're getting Parker, at least he'll run through a brick wall for you! And maybe run through the back of Modders in training!

    • ever so slight silver lining...the Goons are down 6-1 to United (cold comfort for me though)

    • it seems parker will come for sure....maybe we will play a 4-6-0 formation

    • that hurt alot but i have to say Harry and Levy are firmly to blame they should have strengthend the squad weeks ago instead of waiting to the last minute anyone with half a brain saw this poor start coming weeks ago.

      Nearly home from the game and i can tell you that's the flatest atmosphere i have seen at the lane for along time something needs to be done and quick or we will be in a world of trouble.

    • What do we expect with Crouch up front?

      I love Harry but there are times that he dithers so much over signings that i want to throttle him!!!

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      • Some thoughts:

        1. Men against boys

        2. We are simply not good enough. 3 of the goals coming down the right flank. harry FFS get us a right back.

        3. Dawson, Kaboul looked terrible

        4. Looks like City may well have bought themselves the tilte. From what I've seen so far there are only two teams gonna be battling for it and they both come from Manchester

        5. How much did we make from our foray into Europe last year? And wtf have we done with it? Youngsters who are likely to be farmed out on loan and never play for Spurs and probably Parker? For God's sake Levy and Arry get your act together. We are seriously looking like a mid-table team at best.

        After today's performance I think the difference between good solid teams and us is huuuuuuge. We need Sandro back as soon as possible and we need a couple of strikers.

        I hate to admit it this early in the season but I think the possibility of getting a top-4 position this year is remote to say the least.

        Levy and Aryy - you've let us down badly

        And lastly, what the hell is going on with all these injuries???????

      • DB - it's not Crouch up front it's the lack of midfielders that can break the play up...no Sandro (injured), Palacios (being kept off the field pending a transfer)...Modric and Kranjcar with 2 wingers and VDV in front are not going to stop anyone (and haven't by the looks of it).

        We're also seeing what happens when you spend money and improve your team; yes, there's probably no other team that can do it the way City have, but this is what happens. Meanwhile we mess around talking about the likes of Cole and Parker. Harry just wants to work with people he's worked with in the past (hence why you'll never see Gio play for us again).