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  • Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Sep 5, 2011 16:29 Flag

    We are foooked!!!

    I agree with what you are saying Graeme, maybe another year or two at Europa league standard, possibly winning it, before taking the step up to the 'big four' and staying there.
    Whatever way it happens the stadium is a must like Joe says, but the OS is not the way to go. Correct me if i'm wrong but most stadium with a running track are in S.America where thay don't have seating and retain the atmosphere of the old grounds. Sorry, i just don't agree with Spurs moving to the OS, even though it has a lot of obvious plus points.
    And back to the original thread: Dawson is world class, as is King, but Dawson needs a classic no nonsense 6' 6 CB who is fit consistently and who can form an ongoing reliable partnership with him.