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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 17, 2011 20:42 Flag

    Blatter - No Confidence

    Oh come on, the selectivity. Ferdinand is obviously not a c**t,and he obviously wasn't having sex, but his skin colour is something different. JT was highlighting the differnce between ferdinand and himself. Terry is a c**t a first class one, a nasty one. And he definitely needs f**king with a wire brush. Call ferdinand a f**king c**t, useless one maybe, he possibly would have said something back to JT.

    <<blah blah fat bald idiot - what words should I take offence at>>

    None, your kids love you. And as far as I know there is no one in the UK that has anything against fat bald idiots. Not the same if your skin colour isn't white.

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    • But what then makes picking on someone's skin colour any worse than picking on any other aspect? What if I picked on their religion? Politics? Height? Weight?

      If I call a single individual '....you blah blah fat blah' is that fatist or just me highlighting an aspect? It takes on a completely different meaning if you know I had published a manifesto advocating that all people over 10% overweight (based on my definition of overweight ) should be stopped from breeding.

      To me racism is where you do something (or incite others with words to do something) against whatever group of people. Where a group is held back or put down in a way that affects their advancement. It involves the racist in actually believing that there is a fundamental difference between him and the other 'group' - not just pointing out the obvious difference. That 'difference' in the mind of the -ist has to make that group in some way inferior.
      Human beings always latch onto differences to 1) simply classify people (is science being racist by having separate groups - or what about a census - how racist is that?) 2) To be used to damage 3) For humour (take differences out of humour and 99% of what all comedians say is now in some way 'ist').

      Again, I repeat that I don't claim to know JT's mind (and I don't really want to) - but I would simply guess that he probably hasn't even thought it out or has a basic view of what a racist is and again was just using the term because he knew it would offend.

      If I know someone who is red, fat, bald, gay and overly tall - and I know that they're obsessed by the fact that they have to wear glasses, then if I wanted to offend I was call the person '...blah blah speccy blah...'. I don't have anything against anyone/everyone who wears glasses per se, I just want to be abusive.

      JT was abusive in the extreme. That is what should be stopped. IF JT hadn't used the black word - he would still have been offensive and that is what should be stopped IMHO.