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  • longtimespur longtimespur Jan 16, 2012 13:57 Flag

    Team against Man city...

    If we follow Liverpool's example from the CC semi we should be able to nick a point or three.
    Wonder who Harry will play up front? Set up defensively and play on the counter. Maybe he could have Parker and Livermore as a holding MF 2 with a back 3 and 2 wing backs. Still leaves us 3 forward players, be an interesting change. Might surprise Mancini and his team.

    Open to suggestions, just a thought from me.

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    • I can't see 'Arry starting with anyone other than Defoe. And if he doesn't 'Arry might as well type up Daffy's transfer request for him!

      I actually think our boys will be well up for this game. But instead of giving Bale a free reign he should stick to that left wing. I personally would play 4-4-2 against City but with Ade out who could we put in with Defoe? I'd rather put Harry Kane in than Pavo!!
      My prediction - Modders, Lennon and Bale too much for the City defence but Balotelli too much for Kaboul - 3-2 Spurs.

    • i just feel dawson & kaboul are a poor partnership against good players. incidentally it was them 2 who were a shambles against city. yes they had far too much to do, but that doesnt excuse them doing badly the jobs they shold be doing better.

      of course we can win it beni, im not saying we cant. im just making a random prediction. i think they are a better team & squad & will have a bit too much for us. but if they dont play as well as they can & we play well then the 3pts are their for the taking. any prem team can drop pts to lower prem teams like city,utd & we have done.

      i actually wont be too disapointed if we do lose to city. i get more annoyed when we drop pts to teams we should be beating at home (wolves).

      i disagree about walker & bae comment. if aguero runs at dawson theres not much walker or bae can do.
      bae isnt exactly known for his covering. & we cant expect walker to cover for the CBs regularly.

      & i did say i think they will win 2-0. i didnt say it will be easy & they will win 5-1 again!

      yes kompany is a huge miss for them as is yaya. i dont realy rate kolo so i dont think he will be missed much.

      silva just over an injury & not 100%. it was a small minor injury, jesus. he will be 100% for us. he hasnt just come back from months out.

      of course if we up our game & rise to it then we have a great chance. but we havent been doing that lately bar the everton & norwich game.

      with king,sandro & ade id be a lot more confident. i just dont think the cover for them is good enough.

    • Hello LTS, hope you're well mate.
      With no Adebayor I think the selection will be difficult for 'Arry. I'd play 4-4-2, but who up front with Defoe? Pavo?? Doesn't fill you with confidence does it?
      Citeh seem to play a similar system to us but their wingers don't play as wide and cut in. Maybe you're right and 2 DMF's are the answer.

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      • Hi G. Yes I'm ok ta, hope you are too.

        I see Silva is playing tonight so he will be available for Sunday unless he gets injured, another reason to play 2 DM players IMO.
        I know others say play Pav but I'm not convinced he will trouble their make shift CB pairing. We'll just have to wait and see what Harry thinks. If he doesn't start with Defoe I could see him leaving this month. What does it say to him when, with our squad, Adebayor can't play but he still doesn't get the nod?
        Be a tough game but if we attack them as we usually start a game then we could get a good result and not just a draw.

      • Hopefully, without Adebyor, it will force us to play it on the floor and out wide, which is to our strengths. I don't think Arry will have a choice but to play Pav unfortunately but what will be interesting will be Bale V Richards.

        If Lennon plays well that could be the key as he will have the beating of whoever they play at RB.

        Our MF should be able to cope with whoever they play in MF and hopefully our back four will cope with Baloteli etc. I would worry if Johnson plays against BAE though.

        Should be an interesting game though. COYS!!!