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  • Vito Vito Feb 16, 2012 05:49 Flag

    Milan 4 Van Persie 0

    Sorry, but I have always maintained that your league is sub-standard and now the proof is there for all to see. Only Chelsea remain in the CL, and being so low on confidence, and after a bollocking from Roman, are likely heading for the exit as well.

    We could have been 6-0 had Robinho passed rather than shot after his brilliant solo run into the box, and had Pato scored in his one-on-one.

    Your brand of hoof-it-and-run football has run its course and look for no further proof than only 2 teams having won this in over a decade, with both of them being flukes on penalties.

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    • actually vito it s not the league that is sub-standard, merely arsenal which does not and cannot match up. just look at their position & performance in the premier league? they are a team very much in decline.

    • Yeah Yeah!
      Your fist win against English opposition for about 5 years and about 8 games! And this at home against an Ar$enal side lacking confidence. I seem to remember the Goons beating your lot not too long ago.
      As mentioned by B2S in the post before... You were spouting your superiority cr@p this time last year, and we all know what happened then!
      If anything Spurs are even stronger now... And so are Man City, with Man Utd still strong too!
      Milan would not cut it in the EPL.

      And as for your hoof it-and-run analogy of the English game... It's alot more exciting to watch than the rigid, static "let's defend for 89mins" style of play of the Serie A

      So don't get too cocky about this one win... I would not put it past this Ar$e side to do you 5-0 in the return leg... even if that is pretty unlikely. I'd even raise a glass to them if they manage it.

    • 52 of the 92 current Football League clubs have won a trophy since Arsenal last won a trophy.

      Trophies that count: play-off finals, FA Trophy, now-defunct Conference League Cup.

      Ones that don't: Trophies named after your own stadium.

    • Tonight's Arsenal Champions league game proved once again how cleaver Walcott is as a footballer.

      To get paid that much for what he does is fucking genius.


      Now Vito, please do start again.....