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  • John I just thought it was silly to say 1 point was enough. IMHO 3 points were essential and to say otherwise was detrimental. The team were being praised for 1 point which to my mind was wrong.
    Reasons to follow.......
    As far as the chavs are concerned if we had gotten all 3 they could not have caught us for 4th as we would of had 68 points in 3rd. Now, after the Villa shambles we have 66 and them 61 with 2 games to play. So they can get 67 points and finish above us if we lose to Fulham, and don't bet against it. BMJ would love to cripple our CL aspirations.
    Newcastle could only manage 68 now, as known before our game finished. So with our goal difference a win at Villa would have guarenteed 4th at worst.
    Arsenal can now finish 3rd without winning against WBA If we only draw with Fulham and they lose by the odd goal. As it is now we could end up 6th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That's how important the Villa result was!!