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  • LTS,
    I don't think they write much - the AVB gets 3 year contract is just the 'arry story regurgitated, even including the £50m war chest - so it looks like cut and paste with a quick find and replace.
    At least the AVB story has some substance behind it though.

    What is now losing me is who is really buying the players, especially given the Gylfi bit. If 'arry was promised £50m, did he start things going back in March (somehow I really doubt that)? And Vertonghen - was that 'arry? Or did they talk to AVB prior to him signing and start the negotiations to buy the players he wanted (that would seem a bit risky should AVB have then not signed) - OR is it all controlled by Levy anyway?
    I suppose another option is that whoever is left of the coaching team had input (is that just Tim Sherwood now, or are Sir Les and Clive Allen still there?).

    Well, at least things are moving and are IMO looking 'positive' (I would treat inaction at this point as 'negative').