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  • Sfer,

    I agree regarding Jenas and Bentley, I think they both need to move on, for their own sake as well as ours, I'd hate to hear them boo'd or at least moaned at, as Palacios was last season. Maybe AVB believes that by playing them in friendlies, he's at least giving them a shop window? they are both premiership players, just not top 4 EPL players and therefore its time to go.

    Personally I could see Livermore stepping up, but currently our CM's are Sandro, Parker, Hudds, Livermore, Gylfi (if used as a CM), Possibly VDV (he's a CM for Holland, when he's picked), we still need more bodies in there, again I agree Carroll is not ready. Am I forgetting someone? that seems very few CM's in comparison to last season.

    Maybe BAE is looking at the competition ie: Rose, Bassong, and realises just how important he will be? Although I hadn't heard he's after more bunce.

    Maybe I am putting too much faith in Levy, but surely he has deals in place that will see our squad strengthen?

    IMO we must sign another 1x CM, 2x CF at least and we should be signing GK, LB-cover, CB to be safe. Potentially we need an additional 4 players.

    The squad is looking dangerously thin, but there is still time, we still have 2 friendlies left and 17 days before the first EPL game, but will that be enough time to 'gel'?

    Things need to start happening, if they haven't already- Why bring in new management and coaching staff if the squad is not up to the job? Unless Levy has told AVB to drastically change expectations and top half is good enough!?- I hope not, because that for me, would be enough of a reason to remove Levy (if that's possible)

    God Knows! actually he probably doesn't, lets just hope Levy does!


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    • To me:
      Levy likes buying young and keeping the investment in the 'stock'.
      He wants a manager that can achieve with a young squad so the value of the 'stock' will increase.
      He didn't like 'arry, as 'arry worked on the basis of 'find a blend and make it work' - whether that meant buying in (or bringing in on frees) older more experienced players that had little re-sale value even after a successful period (ie Gallas is not worth much, nor Friedel despite them having 'good' seasons - even Parker won't sell for much more than we paid - BUT Bale, Walker are worth vastly more) .
      Levy does not like the thought of losing £11m on Bentley - £15m for a player that is now worth, what £4m, must wrankle. Jenas not so bad.

      I would guess that Levy is trying to get back to the 'Holy Comolli' model and at the same time to up the value of the 'shop soiled' stock.

      That is fine to me as long as the team 'succeed' (success to me being 6th and above this season, with higher next). I just wonder though if they'll run the risk of losing the momentum we have built over the past 4 years just to try to achieve an ideal. A couple of seasons will tell.