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  • jimmy pearce jimmy pearce Oct 11, 2012 13:48 Flag

    Dive, dive, dive......

    I don't see the problem, it wasn't a dive to win anything...he thought he was going to be clattered and instinct took over, different if he'd actually appealed for anything...he didn't dive, he took evasive action to protect himself...so what?

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    • I'm not so sure. Having watched it a couple of times in slow motion, the keeper does look as though he was going to kick out, but then stopped himself. Bale looks to me to throw himself down - I didn't see a loss of footing that appeared to be caused by him evading the challenge.

      I know this is a 'what if', but I think Bale would have taken the foul had it been given. I don't see him saying '...no, he didn't make any contact...'.

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      • At the end of the day, some of you guys have played the game and I did for donkeys years, and diving's always been in there to a degree which rightly infuriates defenders and everyone else.
        But it's got to be down to the managers surely to eradicate it from their players mindset. It would take a brave man to make the effort, but think of the world wide respect he would command.
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