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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 18, 2012 11:21 Flag


    Spurs began well enough (that doesn't mean to say they would have finished well enough though, even if that fruitcake Adebayor had kept his sanity) (always told you he was a liability!),then Arsenal shifted up a gear or two (was ALWAYS going to happen), pressed the Cazorla turbo and, well.....end of.

    10 goals in the last two meetings Yidsters..OOOPS!!! I mean fans from many national backgrounds who refer to themselves collectively as 'Yids' and who it is not percieved to be politically correct for others to refer to those same fans by that self labelled tag and certainly no smear was meant upon those that are, right now, bombing many a hungry downtrodden woman and child with all the latest and most expensive arms they can lay their hands upon apparently in retalliation for someone setting off a pack of cheap indoor fireworks and so potentially putting the whole world in peril if every other nutjob on the globe decides to put their two penneth in.


    I hope i'm in the clear now.

    10 goals and climbing up that table!

    Walcott no good?

    Podlski and Giroud not up to it?

    Cazorla a cheap Fabregas?

    Well....at least 'Arry still seems to think Spurs are better than Arsenal eh? Or is he just trying to pile the pressure on his former employers and their employees when he stated that he 'Still think Spurs will finish above Arsenal as their squad has far more quality'?I wouldn't put it past the crafty old weasle.
    Mr 'Arry also stated the previous week that Arsenals squad was dire and that if Wenger managed a top four finish it would be nothing short of a miracle (or words to that effect).Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Confidence is key Spurs fans (note the refrain from use of Yiddish!) and who knows where a confident Arsenal (or Spurs) will end up?

    Where will it all end?

    Will Fab ever return (doubt it)?

    Is AVB really 'in control'?

    Is a plethora of attacking talent better than any one previous Arsenal star?

    Questions, questions.

    Much love.

    (And a special wink for KM).