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  • William William Apr 14, 2013 06:27 Flag


    longtimespur - 'a draw would suit us best' - you know that's not true. All spurs fans wake up wondering what it would be like to finish above Arsenal. You mock our lack of trophies but you won't finish above us - not this year, not next year or the year after. And when Bale goes, mid-table mediocrity beckons.

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    • Sorry William, didn't mean to hit the abuse button. Apologies.
      Us old Spurs can remember finishin above the Gooners regularly, but I can also remember being at the lane when you beat us 1-0 to win the league in 71 and then going on to win the FA cup. Copying our double of 60-61. Be interesting to see how the top 4 finish up this year. Any 2 from 4 for 3rd and 4th.

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      • i think we need everton to win. arsenal have a much easier run in. this is 1 of the few games left they could lose. & im not worried about everton gaining 3. because if they finish above us then we would end up 6th & not 4th anyway. because they wont finish above arsenal or chelsea anyway. looks like 2 seperate battles. arsenal & chelsea fighting for 3rd. us & everton fighting for 5th. im cheering on everton tonight & fulham tomorrow. my exclusive predictions. arsenal 3 v everton 1. fulham 1 v chelsea 2.