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  • Layla Layla May 8, 2013 10:35 Flag

    AVB - Lucky or good...or bad...or

    he does say a lot of rubbish. remember him saying arsenal are on a negative spiral. & now they are odds on to finish above us. i agree that our performances have mainly been poor & lacklustre. recently i dont know how we have ended up with 7pts from last 3 games. i dont think we deserved to win any. im dreading tonight. we are going to get hammered. they are a much better side & we havent won their for 23yrs. also lennon & dembele not fit. both were rushed back to early yet again & had to go off injured. thats at least 4 times now that lennons been rushed back to soon & ended up going off injured. its just the media building up the race for 4th. the bookies are realistic & have us big outsiders for top 4. its the same with the relegation battle. its pretty clear wigan are going down. but the media are trying to make out its more exciting. odds on that arsenal & chelsea finish top4 & wigan go down. sorry to burst the so called exciting climax lie!

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    • I think AVB just likes trying to play the 'psychological' games - maybe something gets lost in the translation?

      As for the exciting climax - surely it's not burst? We've got 3 games left and there are 3 teams that can get 3rd/4th.
      And at the bottom, aren't the teams from 12-18 still in with a chance of going down with 2 games left?

      But as for the Chavs game, I think this season has been the first since Jol where I've had doubts about us beating the big teams - which is odd in a way, as our results this season against the 'big' teams haven't been that bad at all.

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      • I agree, we haven't played well for quiet some time IMO.

        Sadly I think SB might be right, I think it will be extremely hard for us to finish in the top 4, especially as we are currently losing 2-1 to the chavs. From 11th down its as tight as a ducks arze, but I do agree, I think Wigan will drop. I'd also put money on Martinez being the next Everton manager if Moyes does go to United.

        Did either of you expect us to be doing much better this season? When all is taken into account I think we have over achieved all season and I seem to remember most of us agreed 4-7th would be a very closely fought battle, in which we would have to do extremely well to finish 4th. IMO there has been a lot of upheavel and a worrying trend of failing to invest

        It seems unless Joe Lewis decides to throw his cash about or sell the club to some oil baron, we will always struggle to compete witht he big boys, that said its 2-2.