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  • Tilton Tilton Sep 12, 2011 21:56 Flag

    Tickets on Sale for Braga!

    Welcome aboard then Nicholas...as I said to you on the Villa board, we are a friendly bunch on here, and the Villa lads are made as welcome on her as we are on their board. No stupid 'hatred' here, just good down to Earth piss taking and banter....

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    • "I used to be a blue but had a minor blip going to Villa but now I'm back as a blue."

      Hmm..I'm a bit weary of anyone who switches sides so easily. Maybe there were no takers on the 'ultra' at viler park so he decided to have a go on here for a short time....
      Reminds me of Graig Gardener in a way. He used to stand on the Hole End as a child and chant for villa but when he joined Blues he stood on the Tilton as a child and chanted for us.
      I wonder if he told the Black Cats how he used to stand behind the goal at Roker Park and chant for them.
      Anyway, back to topic, I bought my Bragga ticket on the first day of sale and it finally arrived on Saturday.
      Apparently the hold up was UEFA were late sending out the tickets to Blues or something.
      I'll be on the Kop corner block 18 if you want to pop over and say hello.

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      • I know what your saying here, Steve...but everyone makes mistakes sometimes. I was given a complimentary ticket for the Villa v Bayern Munich European Cup Final in Rotterdam...and I went and I cheered when my old mate Pete fluked the winner off his shin.

        Bit embarrassing now but everyone has a skeleton in the cupboard somewhere.