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  • Ok here is a question we`ve all been thinking about. Should he go? If so when?

    Frankly Souness doesn`t inspire confidence in me. He`s choice of buying players have been widely criticised - Babayaro, Boumsong etc. They have not only failed to improve the team but have done well to destroy our defence even further. The shape of the team looks terrible, especially when the ball gets inside our pen area - should they man mark, defend area or just stand and hope the opposition will shoot wide. Souness now doesn`t even think its worthwhile to come out and speak to the fans after match. Yes he may have had tough questions to answer but isn`t that part of his well paid job? Look how quickly Alex Furgason became out of favour when he started doing that at difficult times. And lastly his response to currant crisis - buy more players. Yes, if he can buy (and manage) like Mourinho can, that might be the answer. But I think he`s problem is much more basic then that. Souness just cant manage a team and no matter who he buys, the team`s not gonna get better. And he`s had plenty of time and money (amount which can only be a dream for teams in most prem team) to prove himself but failed miserably.

    As for timing - he should leave at the end of the season unless the chairman`s got a good manager lined up that can start promptly. Its nothing worse then having a team without a manager!

    What do you think guys? Anyone think otherwise?

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    • I agree. The man management element is almost certainly what is letting him down. Why are , Mourinho, Ferguson and Allardyce so successful - coz they are able to MANAGE players/squad and get the best out of 'em. Motivation is almost certianly NOT a word used in NUFC these days (other than wor Alan who needs NO motivation other than impending retirement ?

    • All the money Toon has spent on players over the last two years alone has me totally gob smacked it just goes to prove that if the manager cant gel the team together & inspire and fire them up all the money under the sun wont.These players are on fabulous wages but by the way they are languishing in mid table you would be forgiven for
      thinking there is some sort wage dispute going on at the club.Any body got any suggestions?.

    • Souness is at Newcastle because his agent is a very good friend of Sheppards. Remember the Rooney scam?

      Rooney was never in a million years even contemplating coming to Newcastle, all we had to do was inflate the price Manchester United had to pay for him, leading to a bigger cut going to who?...........Rooney and Souness's Agent, Freddy's mate.

      Then after that we get Souness a week away from the sack.

      Jobs for the Boys................................

    • im sick and tired of these lame duck excuses we were mugged at home to boro pathetic, the question was should he go my question is why did he get the job in the first place (remember he was given the job on deadline day we should have let john carver run the side till the january it would have given us three months to make the right appointment if we had to) then the inept #$%$ spends 7 million on aplayer who went to rangers for free 6 months earlier nowt like lining your mates pockets get rid now and gat rid of all his #$%$ kissing mates

    • not going to support newcastle until souness leaves..
      I get disappointed every time i see newcastle on the field

    • In my opinion Souness shoudln't go as he has shown that with a full squad he is capable of bringing teams on their knees.

      At the moment he is interested in transferring Nicolas Anelka to Newcastle. I hope this happens as he is a gem of a striker and would boost our European aspirations enormously.

      Get well soon Owen, Emre and the rest of the injured players. We need you sooner then later.

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      • Anelka's work rate is very poor, he is a prima donna and I was going to say that he won't fit in with our style of play (joke, right ? What style of play). Bring some of the youngsters through from thr reserves and under 21s just like Alex F did with Man Utd ?

      • I don't agree.

        I can't remember the time that we truely hammered a team and deserved it. Souness has spent 50 million and what do we have to show for it?

        Saying at full strength we are unbeatable is laughable, we have one solid defender and he is injured.

        In midfeild we could have done with somebody like Nicky Butt who is a hard worker but lets ship him off and buy in somebody who is of the same maybe a lesser level.

        We have needed strikers since Bobby left infact well before that yet apart from Owen he has still done nothing....

        Oh and to cap it all off he buys a bloody goalkeeper the one solid position we have in the team.

    • i think he s gotta go,freddie can t possibly give him any more money unless he get s rid of faye,ameobi,baba,bower who want s to go? and a few others,but we still need at least one top class central defender and a left back,we also need another creative midfielder and one top class striker...and what does anyone make of owen s comment s after the match,when asked about the injury all s he could come up with is at least i ll be fit for the world cup,never mentioned the toon,and what about jenas,did anyone ever see him compete like that for us,except in one game against arsenal.....and buy micheal carrick!

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      • You Newcastle fans keep on bleeting about sacking Souness, but who is the real villain here.

        Who sacked your last manager(who was 100 times better than Chop Souey), who decided it would be a great idea to sell one of Englands best defenders(Woodgate), who has slaged of the supporters of his own club numerous times.

        I think you should look more towards the chairman than the manager, although Souness is going to do nothing for you. But do you have faith in Freddie being able to bring in a competant manager.

    • When Souness was appointed the news was met with mixed responses from the fans. I for one was not optimistic that he was the man for the job, but like the majority of fans, I have remained patient and hopeful that I was wrong. Unfortunately, we look at our situation now, and we are in a worse position than when Bobby Robson was uncerimoniously pushed out of the club. I dont mean league position, although I think we would be top six now, but look at the money that has been spent against what the club has achieved. I believe that the players who have joined us during Souness's reign are mostly quality players, although probably overpriced, but they are not gelling together like they should be. If a club like Bolton, or Man City had gone out and spent the millions that NUFC have spent over the last couple of seasons, then I bet they would be achieving a lot in return. Whether they would have bought different players, or the same players, they have different management skills, which seem to instill a lot more passion and a will to succeed. Now that has to come from the manager. In my opinion, that is not going to happen.

      The question of wether or not Souness should go has an easy answer, in my view, without a doubt.
      The biggest problem is, who do we appoint to succeed him. Shepherd cannot afford to get this one wrong after the mess he made of the Robson departure. I dont know what kind of pay structure is in place for the manager of such a big club, but he should be the highest earner, above the players, providing the club succeeds. Instead of wondering which donkey to spend our next £10m on, we should go and bring in a name, who can steer the club out of the mess we are in, and pay what it takes to bring that name here. Its what the fans deserve. If we dont get our act together soon, then the big money players that we have bought will see their market value decrease rapidly as they become mediocre. Come on Shepherd, sort out this club, beginning at the top!!!!