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  • Sleepy-Jazz Sleepy-Jazz May 7, 2007 19:41 Flag

    Roeder v Allerdyce speculation

    I REALLY REALLY hate to say it but we need someone like Keane - Sunderland were all set for a Leeds United before he took over.

    We have enough talent in the club to stop going down but there is a deep rot in the dressing room which is either the fault of one or two players or the training staff. Sunderland had this exact same rot before Keane took over.

    A classic example is Martins - he came to the club and you could see he was trying his heart out and was frustrated by the lack of chances - by the end of the season he was as laxidaisical as the rest of them. It is like a company where the staff just don't have any passion for their job and keep taking sickies rather than working.

    We need someone who is going to inject the team with passion again or just cut out the rot no matter how big the name is. Keane can cut out the rot while someone like Keegan can inject the team with the passion it needs. So we need someone with both characteristics or at least one of those. Even someone like Klinsman might be able to pull it off - after all he pulled Germany back up, has passion and can cut the rot.

    I don't think Allerdyce is going to be the man for the job but an ex-Man U player might be able to work some of the Ferguson management they learnt while under him.

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