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  • Roger E Roger E Aug 2, 2006 06:38 Flag

    Ashley Cole - General opinion

    I'm afraid Cole represents the ugly face of capitalism that is creeping more and more into our game (and before you ask, no - I'm not a Communist!).

    In my opinion AC is a greedy, selfish, ungrateful b*****d who has shown no loyalty to the club that has made him what he is.

    It is not within me to wish ill will on any human being, but I certainly don't wish AC good fortune. My heart lies with Arsenal, not any individual player, and AC has sold his soul. Good riddance.

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    • We praised him when he is with us The Gunners! but please don't condemn him when he is leaving us. Let him make his own choice and for his future( just married-congratulation). He has done a lot for the Gunners for the past.

      Respect his wish.... Gunners has a lot good and best nor better defenders.. young and strong...trust them friends...not need to cry when he left us.

      Gunners get 25-28 million.... look for his replacement... from Ghana.....Ivory coast.....anywhere in the world or EPL itself...

      Good luck the Gunners members...

    • Ashley Cole. What is there to say that hasn't already been said. Whatever came afterwards it seems that Cole mad the first move and decided to have a meet with one of our biggest rivals. From what I can see the only thing that turned his head was the filthy lucre. It definitely couldn't hev been for the old chestnut "footballing reasons" or maybe he's never actually seen Chelsea play with his z-list celebrity wife's shenanigans and his obvious willingness to turn up at the opening of an enevelope.
      So, rant over. He was never a great footballer, good but not as good as he's been made out to be. Silvinho was better going forward, Flamini a better defender and Clichy the better player all round. For 25 million I would sell him in a heartbeat even if the last year was all a dream a la Dallas. He will not thrive at Chelsea and for his own sake I would pick a continental club, the previously mentioned Barca would be ideal if he had the chance. I hope he does make it as I think there has been a naivety about some of his actions that reminds me of the Anelka situation. Look at what has befallen him.