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  • KING KING Oct 3, 2006 17:47 Flag

    Henry For World Player Of the Year

    over the last 5 years henry has undoubtedly been the best striker and also the most productive player in terms of goals and assists. I think he should have won it three years ago instead of zidane but i defenitely think he should win it this year.

    Ronaldinho has had a really poor season so far and he did soo crap in the world cup. If henry doesnt win it it will show once and for all the bias shown towards players in the spanish and italian league. No premiership player has ever won world player of the year but henry this season has performed in all his games. when he doesnt score he sets up goals and he's also improved his heading which will increase his goalscoring ability even further. also he's been playing in a team of youngsters and managed to be like a figure head on the pitch, by being composed on the ball and getting goals when neccessary.

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    • Name 5 players who had outstanding world cups.... thas right you cant. be honest, henry was one of the better performers.

      ronaldinho has been so crap this season so far. i've watched a few barca games and he looks really off his game. he musta met a cheryl tweedy and turned crap like ashley cole. he'll be meeting mourinho soon

    • i agree it's about time he won it,he's been the most consistent striker around for years now

    • No,not this year,he did nothing in the world cup and he dont deserve it.Getting a bit old now.????

    • I'm not sure exactly what the criteria are for this award, its a purely personal view from managers and international managers I think, stats do not come into it. To some degree nostalgia for instance might come into it... some managers might say Zidane because of the incredible influence he had over the french side at such an age playing mostly 90 mins as well, they might even view his headbut as heroic... in other words they might ignore domestic football altogether. In that case Henry would not get a look in. Equally I feel (perhaps wrongly) that spanish, Italian managers perhaps view the english prem differently from their own, perhaps its tarnished by their view of the english prem style, perhaps they are insular about it and perhaps when you couple this with the fact that many prem managers have a very good understanding of europe football then you might end up with a slightly biassed vote... english managers voting on a europe wide basis with perhaps spanish and Italian managers looking more to the continent and less to england.

      Either way Henry is clearly very very good and would deserve it in my book if he won it for his consistency over the seasons BUT its not awarded for that so I would say Ronaldinhio pips him because Brazil won the WC and Barca won the CL, as a wild bet i'd go for Zidane imagining people might go for him for nostalgic reasons.. after all he was voted player of the tournament on the WC (because votes were logged before the butt)

    • This plum aint talking about 1 trick diving cry baby pony is he the bloke who tried to do his same old trick cesc took the ball off him and played a 1 -2 with him and set up the winner at old tartford hahahaha rooney cant even score this season maybe coz of all those meat and potatoe pies he stuffs down his throat HAHAHA NICE TRY PRAWNCHESTER UNITED .Ps i reckon the granny snatcher will score tonight against the weakest team in champions league copenhagan hahahaha

    • henry has scored 50 goals in the champ league... legend

    • Tcheya? wich African language is that?

      I would say 'Madiba'(respected elder)

    • A Tcheya(King), Henry has been so superb in the past 4 seasons. He is so genius in the football ground. He can turn, dribble. What about that goal he scored against Brazil in the 2006 World cup finals in Germany! This is just to mention a few. That was a world class goal. Thiery is always cool and mature in the field of soccer. Henry deserves to be the player of the year

    • cos henry's jsut that good.

      just watch him when he's on the ball. i dont think theres anyone who can so lazily burn players with his pace. while cristiano is winning his oscars henry is gracefully breezing past world class defenders. look how many chances he creates in a gam.

      Also how can you say rooney is mre consistent than henry, he has scored more than 15 goals in a premiership plus henry scores against big teams. when did rooney last score for england in a competetive match. i think if you look carefully it is rooney who has been underperforming at the big games. henry assists and has recently been voted best ever foreign player, basically meaning hes the best striker ever... lol

      Ronaldo had a crap world cup, gerrard had a crap world cup as did rooney. henry scored 4 goals and assisted other goals, yet your saying he did badly. its like you expect too much from one player and judge him with a different mindset

    • Erm Baba being a "Psychologist" maybe you should have noticed the name was mis-spelled?

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