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  • Senor Senor Oct 6, 2006 04:00 Flag

    Not bad at all Arsene

    Traore will be awesome. I'm mostly excited by seeing Merida and Denilson get some first team football in the years ahead. Honestly, I harp on a lot about Merida, but if he keeps up his form for the reserves (5 goals in 6 from a midfielder is class) he could be one of the best players to ever don an arsenal shirt. Let Man Utd have their Rossi, Fran will piss all over the opposition. For anyone that hasn't seen him in action, check out you tube, they have some excellent clips on him.

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    • Some good posts and I'm so optimistic, not just short-term but long-term, things are bright. The whole structure at AFC is just running really well, they all deserve credit, but ultimately it is Wenger that has just created this magnificent infrastructure and people that want to perform for him.
      The GK situation is hard, I agree with all the posts, I'm not sure what the answer is, but I want to know that if Jens gets injured (or sent off, we know what he's like!!!!) then we have someone that is competent to replace in. I just do not have any confidence in Almunia, he may make a great save, but I always feel that an error is imminent!

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      • Hmmmmmm
        As i said i do agree, but look at how the chelsea chap who look so good before chec came now looks nothing like he did,
        I will admit i am nolonger envolved in a sport but "match fitness" i feel is more than just phisical fitness i think the mental strain on sitting on the bench week after week must take its toll on the understudy goalkeeper
        From what i could tell from the stats on arsenal.com poom is the reserve GK the majority of the time so almunia hardly gets a game just seems he trains all week and sits on the bench
        I cant see any keeper wanting that job!!
        The injury to newcastles GK against west ham was bad but not that many keepers get injured that often,
        I am not in any way sticking up for almunia as i truly think he is a bit of an accident waiting to happen, although part of me can see perhaps why!!
        Yes we are a big club and yes we could do with having 2 world class goalkeepers but looking at the understudies job discription i can see how come you cant have that ieal situation
        if wenger can sell that to buffon he is a fantistic sales man, even a really good up and comming GK would more than lickly want to play week in week out even at a lower level
        so do we buy one and loan him out ??? no point
        it is a right conundrun and no mistake