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  • cosbaba cosbaba Jun 24, 2007 01:14 Flag

    Cesc possible role in all these???

    I have been wondering for a while now whether the rise of Cesc Fabregas has something to with sniping by some very senior players.

    Ye, I know our underbelly is full of so-called kids especially at the back; but the only kid that has a prominent role at Arsenal in the last 2 or 3 years has been Cesc.

    Cole had a dig about him in his book, Berkhamp also said something about relying too much on kids, apparently Gallas has been all-shook up by Cesc and now I read from someone here that Henry has said Fab is not as good as the ones in Barca.

    I am not suggesting that it's his fault but perhaps Wenger has elevated Cesc (just before Viera left and immediately after) too soon for the senior players and the very fast counter-attacking football and the power and stamina of the midfield has been compromised. It was not a like for like replacement by any stratch of the imagination.

    Cesc is a player best suited to the Spainish league, where they mostly tend to have playmakers but over here it is so much faster and you need a midfield general that can pass it as well as get in the box and still put in tackles; and socre a few too.

    Just a thought!

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    • in retrospect maybe you should have stayed at the old ground a bit longer. The timing of letting the old guard go and bring through the youngesters like Cesc (who is no Gerrard I might add!!) all seems wrong.

    • Cosbaba, I know you are not very keen on Fab. But he was our best player last season by a country mile. He was only beaten by Ronaldo to the young player of the year award. Do you remember how well he played with Henry and how many assists and potential assists he provided for him? Did you read recently about him expressing his love for playing with Henry and keen to play with him for the rest of his career? There is no better attacking midfielder at providing defence-splitting passes. And, he is better than Gerrard and lampard at doing that. His only competition is Scholes

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      • freddoc,

        dont start putting words in my mouth...

        I am just saying that Cesc was not a like for like replacement for Viera. And I am serious about the thought that a player-maker type might not be best suited to the Premier league. And if we are going to have a playmaker, we have to a robust box-box physical midfielder along with him.

        I dont know whether Cesc is our best player or not I just think that since Viera has left our midfield and defence has become even weaker than before. Of course, we still created chances but often we leaked a goal too quickly esp at home and that brought a lot of jitters

        It is not a slight on Cesc but it might just be that we have found ourselves with a player of great technical ability and touch and we have to build a team around him or use him less.

        I think Wenger has gone for building a team around Cesc and I feel that the new style does not suit a handful, perhaps Henry included.

        It is almost like Ruud being sacrificed for Ronaldo at Manu because Fergie wants to change things a little. And talking about ManU, it had to Scholes coming back (& in form) for the system to finally work...

        I should like to add that Henry appears not to have rated Hleb and Rosicky because they are reasonably experienced, and these were the last 2 major signings. These two were also not like for like replacements (not in terms of quality anyway).

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      • No one is trying to promote an anti-Cesc campaign.

        The kind of reply we have got here is like that some of you were giving about Henry leaving and rumours about Wenger and so on.

        Unless, I am mistaking - I did read from one of you folks (freddoc, maybe?) that Henry did say something negative about Cesc.

        Anyway, what I think does not matter what I think but I have put the thought out there, and I will not be too surprised if there is some truth in it.

        At Arsenal FC, I will not be surprised of anything.

    • rubbish. just go the pub or talk to the missus, it will do you lot of good, mate.

    • nonsense!

      ...unless your ultimate goal is to promote anti-fabregas climate. this is how real madrid and the alikes operate. they somehow create discontent, then they save the club from an unhappy player.

      lack of pace? thanks for the laugh!

      fabregas is one of the very few players in the world that moves the ball FORWARD; as opposed to most of your midfielders, who cleverly and patiently move the ball from side to side. fabregas is one of the very few in the EPL that can penetrate defenses with his intelligence and his pinpoint accuracy.