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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 4, 2009 22:47 Flag

    ever so pessimist Swerve is a fairweather fan

    Got this from the scourse board last night.

    "maybe I'm an optomist, which is part of being a football fan, rather than a pessimist which is more the flavour of the fairweather fan.

    While we all may harken back to the days of glory, we also know those glory days were built on a solid foundation built up over many years. I'm not quite old enough to remember the Shanks years, but know enough about the club to know it did not happen overnight.

    I also took some pleasure in seeing my brother cringe during the lean years the mancs had in the wilderness. The 70's and much of the 80's may have been our glory, but it was their nightmare. Got myself a lot of grudging respect for SAF, but he did not come in and turn things around instantly, and he fended off many a call from fans like you to get rid of him in his early years.

    I don't know if Rafa can built the foundation we need to bring back the glory years, but so far he has proven he can move the club forward, get us within striking range of the title itself, and there is nothing you or the other naysayers have said so far to make me think he can't move us that extra little bit further."

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