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    ........Well, seems we don't have to go much further than that, to tell us all we need to know about someone lost in the "Never Never"(THE INDEGENIOUS PEOLPES NAME FOR THE 'DEAD' CENTER OF AUSTRALIA. Not that a Colonies POM, who paid £10 pounds for the privilege of living there, would know anything about that, or them, for that matter) But I digress, The subject title refers to an antiquated, simpleton's song, penned somewhere in the distance past, like the 50's, when most of us on here had grandparents, who listened to the radio for their entertainment. Are you with me so far? Using this as a yard stick, we can now begin to understand where Rikki- 'I'm a Troll'- Altree is coming from, and more telling, his age. Because that song, even my grandfather remembers when he was young(now 84) and it was he who said you'd have to be a simpleton, or a shilling short of a pound, to like that song. I guess that says it all, about our residence 'simpleton' Butch, doesn't it?
    Much love, and do try to keep the blow flies off Rikki. OH! I almost forgot. A good friend of mine was up your way recently, and pulled into a pub on The Cairns West Arterial road I think he said. Anyway he asked if anyone knew of an Altree, and the barman said ' Stone the flaming crows, Yes! But don't talk to me about that mongrel. Hasn't paid his bill for months, for all the swill he's had here'. Funny I thought. Sounds just about like him. What do our genuine members think. Oink Oink what about you then? And you Prune; You've always got something to say??

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