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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Feb 23, 2014 19:26 Flag

    Watching & Playing football.....

    ....with all the trimmings and warm comforts
    . I'm sorry, but I come from a time, stamping my feet to keep warm on The North Bank at Highbury, and this kind of thing leaves me cold. No pun intended. We taught the world a game, from the days of laced up balls, and wearing boots a man wouldn't wear for a bet today, on fields fit for cows. And did we enjoy it?? My oath we did. We were all together then. Today we have fairies and prima donna's gracing fields you can play Bowls on, and 'on suite' facilities in the Corporate stands, that wouldn't be out of place in an expensive holiday resort in The Bahamas. And all for a 'simple' game of football.......I can see the day when
    the pitch will be a stage, with a curtain, opened to a fanfare, and the footballers all in glitter spandex, and ballet shoes for boots(absolutely no body contact allowed). And of course there will be a curtain call for the winning team. Don't laugh, some of them are almost there now. This is what its coming to, and I'm glad I was born before it degenerates completely, I have been lucky to have seen some of the greats both past and present. Can they really get any better in the future? Only when they make the ball smaller and the goals bigger, and that may not be as far away as you think.

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    • Stop pretending you played the game, Wibble, kicking a dead rat round the street doesn't count.

      And shut up about the North Stand, you claimed in another post that you've been to the Emirates too, another lie, we know you've been nowhere near Arsenal, now, or seventy years ago when you were a young girl.


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      • Thanks for your reply Rikki Altree. That just confirms what we always knew. Not only thick, but ignorant into the bargain. If not me, then lets hear about some of your past then. Seems others have documented enough of your 'exploits' to know that you lie and deceive at every opportunity, unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality.......and if I may say so, you seem to have completely lost any sense of difference between what is after all only chatter, and what is abuse, and on subjects and people you can have no possible knowledge of, other than what you make up in that screwed up head of yours. In the mean time please continue in the same way you always do, by ignoring what is blindingly obvious to everyone, and trying to make sense your childish replies. I wonder if you ever grew up. If so it must have been in the dysfunctional atmosphere of outback Australia. I therefore forgive you. It couldn't have been easy being accepted as an immigrant with a £10 tag on him. Believe me that's something I do know about. Ask Ray Sperring, one of your Q'land vote catchers. He'll put you straight. As will the Grainger boys should they ever catch up with you. We haven't forgotten, even if you try to kid us you have.