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  • bob b bob b Jun 14, 2006 19:43 Flag

    Brazil are ORDINARY

    Ok lets forget the fact that linekar, wrighty, and hansen all have their tounges so far up the #$%$ opf the brazilians that they cant see the game, and lets establish the facts.
    Brazils threats as i see them are
    1 adriano- proven goalscorer and very strong
    2 KaKa- the guy everone should be talking about instead of ronaldinho..a genius
    3 Ronaldinho- ridiculously skillful though often not incisive enough
    4 There attacking style intimidates teams who play on the counter attack instead of pressing them back

    1-37yr old cafu, underestimates his own fitness and is going to get punnished for those attacking runs
    2- Emerson- same as above
    3- Roberto carlos, again aging, and looks knackered in second half. also takes every free kick in his age old tradition of just hitting it as hard as he can (usually at the wall) C?ant believe chelsea want him!
    4-If they genuinely believe in the so called brazilian way of attavcking football and play the same way against the seeded teams, then they will get punnished big time
    5- With the exception of kaka, the so called magic quartet makes no attempt to contribute defensively
    6- Ronaldo is carrying about 2 stone that he shouldnt be. He looks a spent force and i can see why real are keen to off load him

    Yes brazil are one of the best teams in this tournament, but the odds of 4/1 compared to the next best of 7/1 (argentina etc) is massively flattering/. JUDGE THEM BY WATCHING THEIR PERFORMANCES, DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!

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