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  • Tilton Tilton Sep 16, 2011 08:07 Flag

    R.I.P. Vintage Carrot.

    Yea, yea , whatever Rikk......you keep believing it mate..NO ONE else does....I won't even attempt to enter into a discussion with you Rikk, as your replies merely add up to pointless point scoring so whats the point..but one thing I have to laugh at.....

    "Chris has already posted on here saying that ID is his, or are you now claiming I'm Chris on here? And as far as I know he never joined the new forum.".......FFS>>>.As far as YOU know ???

    Of course you wouldn't know, would you Rikk...you never look in yourself and read the post at all do you, or know who are the members......like youve never cut and pasted any comments on there onto the Yahoo boards.You would know exactly who are the posters on the VC board..and YOU are 'Le Legend' No doubt about it. !

    Now if you want a proper discussion about any subject, yea, Im up for it...but stupid jibes..Ive been there, done that and wear the tee shirt...difference here is that I moved on...can you say the same ?