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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 23, 2005 06:51 Flag

    F1 - the pinnacle of engineering excellence

    F1 - where the great's have come from ... Clark, Stewart, Surtees, Hill (Graham), Mansell (Il leone), Moss etc etc and so many more - their names are being tarnished by a "wee Jew" and an "arrogant Nazi" - it's not F1..... but the Max & Bernie show :

    Max - "your typical Nazi" - wants to rule the world!!

    Bernie - "the Jew boy" (can I have a receipt!) ....whose only aim in life is to suck as much money (out of F1) as possible,to his personal bank account,

    why are these two insignificant useless cunts running F1 -

    If I were a manufacturer I would distance myself... as far as possible from this pair of cunts.

    Roll on 2008- we might get some decent RACING (isn't that what it's all about)- fuck you : Ferrari & Red Bollocks