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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 17, 2007 23:45 Flag

    Let's talk about DIRTY MCLAREN TRICK

    Now why I am I not surprised you come from Italy? How the f**k do you know what were in these documents,got friends at Farrari? Just another moron that is ready to blame Ron Denis without knowing the full facts. Why don't you just shut your big mouth and wait for the outcome of the enquiry but then again you sound like the Farrari team, cheat and lie to get what you want.....just can't stand being beaten by a team that is better at the moment. There have been more dirty tricks and tactics by Farrari than any other team in the history of F1 and that my friend is a fact!!!

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    • I agree also,this is just typical ferrari politics when they are behind any team rather than try and improve they always revert to dirty tricks that we witnessed with the mclaren 2nd break and renaults mass dampner(even though they had the same but couldn't make it work as well) we have had there flexing rear wing and floor now the dodgy aero wheels.
      lets face it this is just the usual disgusting tricks from ferrari "if you can't beat them discredit them".