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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 23, 2007 18:51 Flag

    FIA Leaked McLaren/Farrari secrets

    Was it not ferrari at the top of the list when there were thoughts of a break away from bernie and the fia.Ferrari and mclaren should be dropped from f1 for a season, then see what happens.F1 will be a much cleaner better place if it did happen and the lower teams would get more recognition for their acheivements instead of being talked down to.

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    • well all said and done i think that now the fia has leeked out secreets thay should be finded and the one/s that did it get sacked lets see the points deducked from maclaren now sheared round all teams including ones with none is this going to happen no of course not bloody politics and and money sod whats proper its all #$%$ what a sad day for motor racing.