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  • probablygraham probablygraham Jan 9, 2008 03:02 Flag

    Hare lip ferrari?

    Looking at the first photos of the F2008 from directly in front - there's a good example on the sports page here in the Fiorano testing report - I have to say that the new ferrari looks basically pig ugly - by far the ugliest thing to come out of Maranello that I can remember.
    The car doesn't have a nose - it has a hare lip.
    Maybe it's a ploy so that any driver who sees it in the rear mirrors will be so shocked that he misses his braking for the next corner :-)

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    • Looks like a few other cars are having lip trouble, not very good looking this year are they.

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      • Phew, at least BMW Sauber have put a bit of respectability on the design table. Low nose, Viking Horns - the livery's only half decent, but I'll take over the F2008 or the McLaren anyday. On aesthetics alone of course.
        If Kubica wins a race this year, I could almost regret giving up on F1... But if BMW doesn't, then there is precious little justice.

        Can't wait to see what the Honda looks like (giggle giggle)!

    • Oh, sorry Mick, may have misunderstood. Did you mean the driver who died? No, not Bandini, Courage.

    • I think it was straw bales that were banned after Bandini`s death at Monaco, Mick. Something way at the back of memory equates Jo Siffert with extinguishers.

    • got sometin against hare lips!?

    • Blame your brother ;-)

    • Yahoo has decided to give me a split personality now and my 'you will be seen as' is malfunctioning - I'm coming up either/or which is c**p.

    • The stupid thing is, Mick, that (forget the atmosphere which I know is a good part of the thing) you can actually see more of the race sitting at home in front of the TV.
      Of course, even if you shell out for a stand you also have to make sure you buy a seat near a big screen or hire the (Damn forgotten the name) little portable TV thingies.
      Sad, eh?

    • At Brands I did n't like Paddock bend - the corner not our friend! - but preferred near the exit of Druids from where you could just see paddock and then follow the cars round the rest of what is now the 'Indy circuit'. I was n't there at the time of Jo Siffert's tragic accident but remember the furore of the disaster with the marshal's extinguishers. I'm not sure but it may be Lorenzo Bandini that paddock also refers to. I loved the era of the six hour/500/1000 sportscar races 'late 60's/80's- truly 'a day at the races'. I'm just not prepared to pay the prices to attend Brands and Silverstone now.

    • I can`t remember much about it other than it was, I believe, what started in-car extinguishers. I think that was because none of the handy circuit extinguishers worked but it was a long time back so I could be wrong.
      Sometimes they didn`t even stop the races. I`ve heard from reliable sources that, on one occassion at least, a burnt body was left in the car until the race finished. At least some things have improved.

    • I cheated - I'm sat here with the program LOL
      Was a very weird day - we arrived and parked and walked through the gate without realizing we were already in the circuit without paying. So we bought grandstand tickets for the first time ever.

      And then the crash at the back of the circuit - all you could see was smoke (no video screens back then!) and no cars came back and they all stopped and switched off their engines and it was totally silent. Even now I get goose pimples thinking about it.

      We walked around the circuit as we always did after a race and there was this young kid running around with a smashed Swiss watch he'd found in the puddle of ash and water. Just horrible.

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