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  • mouse mouse May 26, 2008 23:34 Flag

    Monco should be removed***

    hi guys ,,VALE mate, is there no room for tradition anymore ..

    to say that this race is dangerous is IMO far from acurate, the cars and driver fitness levels mean that in general the drivers/pilots if you prefer are as safe as you can be anywhere in a car on sunday afternoon..

    i do wonder if you have ever been to a race , the noise the smells the adrenalin in the crowd is awesome but we are losing this at the newer tracks, get yourself in the right place at monaco and the biggest danger to drivers used to be people trying to pat them on the back at 150 kph,,

    i just think we need to keep some tradition in this gladiatorial arena..
    also remember there should be some danger these guys are very well paid and do not wish for a totally safe sport