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    New Years Resolution For You All

    As this board appears to now be a Liverpool/Chelsea board may I suggest that those Liverpool fans who get upset at the winding up by Chelsea fans just stop themselves from biting the bait and ignore them. Just accept it for what it is, harmless p taking, sit back and enjoy their rantings. For those who take the bait and bite their hands off at the same time then carry on, it's fun to read.

    2005 has been a great year for both clubs and 2006 will also be. I for one prefer to see a Chelsea/Liverpool dominance formning than an Arsenal/Man U one.

    For all of Chelsea's money they still have to play each game like every other team, eleven men against eleven. The money is obviously a factor and makes it easier, but to put it into perspective if you gave Souness 500 million to spend on Newcastle they would still be hopeless.

    At the end of the day it's up to Liverpool to keep upping their game until we can really compete with them week in week out, we are getting there. Let's not slag off the Bridge too much, their record this season stands up, they are grinding everyone down, and that's what it takes most of the time, as Liverpool fans we should know this from when we did the same, a win is a win. Just accept they are a great squad with some outstanding individuals and a very clever and lets face it highly amusing manager.

    I am looking forward to a very interesting year and wish Rafa all the best with his rebuilding of LFC, it's been long overdue to see such a great man in the seat. Dare I say it, but I believe he could prove to be our best ever manager, but only time will tell.

    Happy new year to you all.

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    • Thanks for the list of some current players we have bought. There was no comment from anyone about LFC never buying players, the point is that we rarely buy big, and when we did in the past they were mostly poor value. Cisse was the last big buy (by Houllier), and although you can see quality there he is yet to prove himself fully as a player worth the money. None of the players you listed cost that much, if they had then they wouldn't have been bought. On your list Alonso was around 10 million, which in todays terms is not a big buy.

      If you can name one player who Liverpool have bought since Benitez came in who was already proven and for which a fortune was paid, then please point him out.

      Please tell me the names of the big money purchases of the 70s and 80s which bought us the success we had. I am interested. I think you will find that most of the names you think of cost next to nothing or was an average price for the day, with the odd exception perhaps. Record buy headlines tended to go to other clubs, usually Man Utd, whom at the time were winning nothing.

      One fact I would be interested in knowing is which clubs have on their books the 11 most expensive players registered to play in the league in that season. I think you would then see who was trying to buy the title.

    • so you never brought cisse kewell alonso kirkland Sami Hyypia John Riise Dietmar Hamann Xabi Alonso
      Luis Garcia Florent Sinama-pongolle the list is endless so your not trying to buy the league you had all the money in the 70's and 80's and you brought the league then so stop moaning, boris johnson was spot on with scousers a moaning insular race

    • I don't really want to rise to that, but here goes. A small minority of fans of all colours are mindless idiots as can be seen from all these boards but they shouldn't be seen as representative of the whole. I expect that most Liverpool fans deplored the constant booing of Chelsea in that match last year, don't you?


    • You have a point, and I share it regarding the enjoyment of watching your team win when it's been built on development and using nuggets found. But I still maintain the 11 vs 11. These players are humans at the end of the day, albeit gifted ones (supposedly). My point is that it is not purely down to money, but it helps. If you have a combination of a good club mentality, foresight, stability, patience, fitness, tactical nounce, loyalty, team spirit, facilities along with the funds to buy and keep quality players then you will do well. If one or more of these are missing then something will go wrong sometime....always. Liverpool got it right in the late sixties and seventies which took them through 25 years of virtual dominance, Man U did the same for a decade. But, at the end of the day, they still didn't win everything every year because on the day it's 11 vs 11. Liverpool more than proved it in the CPL last year, and Porto did the year before and don't forget Alaves almost proved it against us in the Uefa Cup final, and what of Doncaster in the League Cup, the list can go on. Ok, these are knockout competitions and you need the consistency for the league, but Notts Forest came from nowhere and won the league along with two European Cups and a handful of League Cups, and that was down to the list of attributes above (of course they also bought Trevor Francis for a then British transfer record). But, as always it started going wrong in some areas and then their slid, and now they are back nowhere.

      Sorry mate, but 44 Chinese would beat 11 Brazillians, 20 outfield and 12 standing on the line, and another 12 on their shoulders. Which would be exactly Bolton's tactics except they couldn't get more than 11 on the pitch.

      I have no problem with Chelsea buying the players they do, they are welcome to it, but it does not guarantee long lived success, i.e. Real Madrid. I have always maintained I prefer Liverpool's attitude to the game, developing youth talent, bringing in promising players and to purchase more established players of quality when they become available. I prefer seeing someone like Essien or SWP go to Chelsea for the sums they paid,it just means the risk of getting mercenaries at LFC is reduced. I prefer players who want to play for the club rather for their wallet. But I would still prefer the club to have the option buying who they wanted, but it doesn't mean they have to, they would still look to buy the right player with the right attitude.

      A close friend of mine who is a Chelsea fan told me last year that Liverpool would sell Gerrard if Chelsea offered them enough money. I told them they would not unless he really wanted to go. He didn't accept my point, which is his prerogative but I was right. And that is the difference, and there is absolutely no point trying to convince them otherwise, it takes time to realise it. Liverpool would never sell their best (and wanted) players unless they wanted to go themselves, simple as that, it's not about the money. It would have been easy for Rafa (had he wanted) to push Gerrard over the edge to go and then get 40-50 for him from Abram's wallet, then bought quite a few players with the cash, but it is just not the way it's done there.

      Anyway, FA Cup coming, let's see how the 11 men vs 11 men theory holds up. No upsets??? I don't think so.

    • that is true he has been at the club and made a few transfers and he has taken us to ythe final of three cups and we have obtained 2 of them and we should have have the final in japan!!

    • that is true he has been at the club and made a few transfers and he has taken us to ythe final of three cups and we have obtained 2 of them and we should have have the final in japan!!

    • Well said. I've been a Chelsea fan since 1969 and most of that time supporting Chelsea has been a pretty dismal experience, so I'm enjoying the current success hugely. I loved the Liverpool sides in the 1970s and 1980s and what gives me most satisfaction supporting Chelsea now is that they can grind out 1-0 wins in the league when they don't really deserve them, just as Liverpool did back then. That's what wins leagues and what Chelsea couldn't do until a couple of years ago.

      I'm depressed by the current rivalry and apparent bad feeling between supporters of the two teams. Some of my good feeling about LFC was lost in the CL semi-final last year when the Liverpool fans booed Chelsea from beginning to end, just as West Ham lost something to me yesterday when Frank Lampard was booed from beginning to end. Bad sportsmanship doesn't win friends. I also wish our beloved JM would stop whingeing about Liverpool's winning goal in that semi-final.

      Sure I'd like Chelsea to win the Champions League but I'd like them to win the domestic double even more. Very few teams have done it and it would be something not even you lot can shout about.

      Good luck Liverpool - may you come second behind us in everything.


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      • Robert.

        I was not too young, in fact as I pressed the send button I remembered the Dalglish signing as an example to contradict my statement. What I should have said was "most" and not "all". When you consider the late 70s/80s when money began to be a bigger factor in signings then you look at the likes of Rush, Hansen, Lawrenson, Souness, Whelan, McMahon, McDermott, Molby, Alan Kennedy, Grobbelaar, Clemence, Aldridge, etc, etc you can't deny what Liverpool's philosophy was and is now going back there thanks to Benitez. It will take some time yet, but the improvement is there to be seen, not even Chelsea supporters can deny it. Not many big signings have managed to do that well at Liverpool, and it's no surprise that our best players today are those who have come through the ranks.

        Like you I am also disappointed to hear booing on occasions, sometimes it's deserved, but on the whole there is no need. It is a shame to see Lampard get booed by West Ham fans, he certainly did a lot for them, but they should have accepted he needed to move on to a bigger stage. He certainly would not have developed into the player he is now had he not moved. Just hope for Chelsea's sake he stays, he is your key player and has been ever present.

        Sadly I think the winner of the EPL is almost certain now, barring a total implode, but football as they keep saying is a funny old game. Time will tell as always.

    • I agree, but it is amusing watching their smug remarks dont you think. I mean buying a title is all well and good, but it dosnt put them on a par with Liverpools achievments past or present.

    • Hi, Happy New Year to all reading this posting.
      Can't agree with you more,I'll just take their postings as sour grapes from now on, if ever I bother to read at all.Certainly won't waste my time replying.Let's not give them the attention they seek and just concentrate on discussing football and all things LIVERPOOL,

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