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  • Sorry, only back on here today after the weekend but i am amazed at the reaction to the penalty on Sat. Granted it was the slightest of contact but it was his trailing leg, and all you need is the slightest of contact to fall over, and in fairness to steve, he tried to score when it would have been easier to have score. Unfortunately, the foul caught him off balance and i say well done to rob stiles for giving the penalty.

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    • It was a foul and thus a penalty. Credit to Stevie G for trying to score the goal whilst falling to the ground. In the split second that it happened it is obvious that his intent was to score and not dive for the penalty.

      Shame about the game and result though. We didn't really get it together until the 2nd half and should have tucked the game away from the amount of possession and chances we had. All credit to Sheffield United though for playing with great passion and commitment and Warnock's tactics were spot on by playing 4-5-1.

      Hopefully we will improve for the game tomorrow in Kiev. Looking forward to it. YNWA.

    • I agree, now it was a very weak penalty but the fact remains the slight knock put Stevie enough off balance that he couldn't get a good shot off, some fowls you play advantage but if no advantage is there then you have to call the fowl no matter how weak it is. But unlucky Sheffield United, we played a crappy game and almost got punished for it....Come on Reds, step it up.


    • there was no contact. how many replays do you have to watch to see that?

      then when stevies on his arse with his back to goal, arms out stretched, looking at the ref and screaming "PENALTY"... is that not cheating?

    • Im just miffed about the refs decision not to send Morgan off. He was already on a yellow card for an earlier incident. If it was considered the professional foul i.e last man chance of a goal isnt that an automatic red. Actually hard to say if there was contact as Gerrard was moving at a fair rate of pace. Im sure it wont be the last controversial decision.