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  • mr_lister2000 mr_lister2000 Feb 3, 2007 22:44 Flag

    The Derby

    I've never seen a Liverpool side boot the ball forward so much in all my life.

    You've reverted to the old Everton team of hitting it long and high hoping Fergie would head it on.

    Crouch aint in the same league as Ferguson.

    Despite all your possession you ran out of ideas.

    An excellent result by the Blues.

    Forget about winning any leagues until you have a decent side.

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    • No i think you will find that every year we have closed the gap seanice, maybe you should try watching some football mate, then you might have some facts at your disposal. I realise this might be difficult being an evertonian

    • looking at all the bluenoses celebrating one win and a draw while laying outside even a european place in the league shows rafa was right about them being a small club

      maybe thats why they want a ground share so on a stadium tour they can see some silverwear

    • You are missing the point teacherpaul. This is the DERBY even in seasons when everton have being fighting to avoid relegation they have always turned up at anfield to play a proper game of football and to be fair its normally been close. No i dont expect other lesser teams such as charlton, watford etc to play attacking football at anfield but yes i do expect everton to do something a bit more brave than just hold on for dear life like cowards. I cant be alone surely there are some everton supporters who would have liked to have seen a real game of football especially those at the ground.

    • Of course we should have broe you down seanice, other than arteta and cahill and to a lesser extent jonson(how long are you goig to hang on to them?) your team completely lacs quality. However the point bing made is that it is difficult to score against a team when they have 10 men defending even when that team is as shite as everton.

    • As a Liverpool fan,do we really expect Everton(or any other away team for that matter)to come to Anfield and play 2 defenders/7 strikers etc,etc and simply roll over?????

      Away teams are perfectly entitled to play whatever tactics/formations they like...it's up to us to break them down.Yes,Everton were boring today,but they did their job,so fair play to them.

      As LFC fans we should not criticise opposition tactics,but look at our own strengths and weaknesses.Simple as that.

    • Seaniceman-gloating over 0-0;dont get it at all.Whats the point youre not winning anything youre not qualifyiing for anything;scary really when drawing 0-0 is a highlight of the season.Perhaps that is the best you can hope for?If you want to do anything you have to actually win things.You are like those saddos who follow Welsh rugby down with me;as long as we beat England and all that shit;England are world champs we aint get a grip mate and try and win something.

    • just as shit as u

    • Sean you complete cock it wasn't long ago that you we're screaming at us Rafa beneafus. Where are you now?? Mid table obscurity where you belong. Keep selling those cheap arse dvd's of your only cup final for years and you might get that move out of Liverpool you always dreamed about you bunch of pathetic losers. We can go on about winning the prem cos we'll get a damn sight nearer it than you ever will with that ginger fuckwit in charge. Jog on ya loser.

    • better than having no ambition at all!

    • what an idiot he is. You talk about liverpool getting a good team when you come and have a nine man defence and one striker. Thats not football. shows the depths you have to go to stop us. 10 out of 10 for having the most boring team ever bluenose!! play like that for rest of season and you will be getting relegated with a bit of luck

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      • That game was never about everton gaining ground it was about taing 2 points off us, im just glad that i support a club that has more ambition than just revelling in being a stumbling block for supeior teams. You defended very well ill admit that but this was the dry and you never even attempted to bring the game to us, not even for te sake of pride.

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