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    The whole LEAGUE is laughing at us..

    And here's why...

    We have squandered over 20 mil and Luis Garcia on a Spanish wannabe who has NEVER won anything or scored 20 plus goals in La Liga in SEVEN years!

    We have "world beaters" like KEWELL/AURELLIO and maybe Babel coupled with PENNANT and BENJAYOUN on our flanks in comparison to the likes of RONALDO/GIGGS/JOE COLE/MALOUDA/ROBBEN/SWP/AARON LENNON etc at other teams and still expect to challenge!

    We have NO DEPTH in defence and if Carra, Finnan or Riise go down injured, which will happen at some point, there is NO QUALITY to replace them.

    We have a manager that believes ROTATION is the way forward when clearly everyone but him knows it is not. Like one of our greatest ever players Souney said.. "I'd rather be knackered at the end of the season with trophies than fresh and have NOTHING".

    We have been turned down by Eto'o, Alves, Malouda, Milito, Bent, Owen, Teves and many more yet the "fans" STILL believe that after 18 years in the wilderness under this C**P regime we are still a top club!

    The rest of the league refers to the fans as the "COSTA DEL KOP".

    It's a f**king DISGRACE...

    DISCUSS that you MUPPETS

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