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  • I am FURIOUS with this joke of a club and it's poser fans....

    How much longer do us long suffering LFC supporters have to put up with this JOKE of a regime? 18 years we’ve been subjected to LIES, false promises and false hope and still it goes on and YOU lap up every bulls*it word of it.

    A new state of the art stadium is on the way we are told… now it’s “downgraded” because the two Yanks are f**king LYING scam artists just like I told you.

    “In Rafa we trust” the fans bleat like the blind Costa del Kop SHEEP they are. Trust him to WHAT, deliver the Prem? Throw in the towel against READING even though the league is the priority? Beat the Mancs because we have Torres? The list of LIES and double-talk is endless... Stop lying to the fans just because they are STUPID Rafa.

    Every year the fickle fans say “this is the year” yet it NEVER is.

    “Sissoko is the new Viera” - “Torres is as good as Rush” “Pepe is better than Clemence”. Hahahaha

    YOU are a f**king disgrace to the club with the rubbish you spout people. YOU aren’t TRUE fans, you are just working class idiots living on falsehoods and pub talk.

    Here’s the REAL truth for you to chew on…
    We have NEVER beaten the Mancs in the league under Rafa.
    We have NEVER challenged for the EPL under Rafa.
    We are no closer to winning our first Premiership in 18 years and I am SICK of the club’s LIES and sick of YOU. The loss to Man U was the final straw. I have burned my shirt and you know what… I feel GOOD about it.

    It’s time you did the same and admit the truth. We were once a great club. We are no longer so and I believe we will NEVER contend for another league title in the foreseeable future…. RESPECT has to be paid to Arsenal and Man U, they are everything I hoped for our club and will never see!!!!!!! Gutted? You’re damn right I am. Are YOU?


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    • Whats this, you nearly sound passionate. Not a bad rant for a schizophrenic, manic depressive yank wannabe with sociopathic tendencies. I am onto you P&S!

    • Tell you what Pharoah, you may even get some support for that rant........

      .....the most telling part is the downgrade of the stadium.........THEY DONT HAVE THE MONEY.......and it was all borrowed and financed by US institutions...imagine that having the expansive future of your club, at the whim of the US financial markets.........

      ..at Least Levy can fix the price of milk to finance another striker, imagine that too, all those plastic, not to be seen for days, LFC fans, financing Evertons future squad...........now every little helps boys....

    • How dare you 'burn your shirt'??? You have no respect for anything but your own self inflated ego! That shirt you burned represents all of the glory you supposedly so proudly remember and pine for, that shirt represents those who died so tragically at Hillsborough, that shirt represents the fact that even without the prem we are still the most successful club this country has ever seen! You are the disgrace you so foolishly try to paint our manager as and if you have so little belief or pride in the club you so strongly claim to 'SUPPORT' then go elsewhere, support the Mancs or the Arse who you take so much pleasure in praising! You are a weak fool who hides behind the internet to instigate unhealthy argument. Grow up you fool and get behind your club! Realise that the only people who give you any credit are Evertonians and Mancs!

    • You were big in the 70s and 80's but thats IT mate!

      A short spell in the history of football does NOT make you a big club, and thats the problem with scousers, they are so deluded they think they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as a side as great as Manchester United, or as I like to call them, the CHAMPIONS!

      I give Francenal fans a hard time but the truth is they dont think they have a god given right to win the league every year, thats for us Mancs and us only, its the same with Real Madrid. The GIANTS in football have these expectations, and everyone else aspires to topple them once in a while if they are LUCKY.

      Liverpool haven't had a squad good enough to win the league for 18 years, thats says it all doesn't it? How about the fact United have won the league 9 TIMES during this time?

      Lets forget ancient history and concentrate on the recent past, present and future, its all about UNITED. Set your standards a bit lower and you wont be so disappointed all the time. Its just not gonna happen for you anytime soon! I can't believe you thought you had a chance against us sunday! What were you thinking?!

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      • You set your own traps you fool.... how long did united go without winning the title? How long did it take fergie to win the title? you can't pick and choose your periods of history to be just when United are successful!!!! You are still behind in the history books mate and until that changes then the facts speak for themselves. History didn't start in 1990 numbnuts. 'Lets forget ancient history and concentrate on the recent past' you say,,, well thats rather selective of you isn't it???? When did you last win the Champions league then fruit cake??????

    • Awwww poor p&s, does that mean you have run out of steam because you have opted for one of your favorite cliches. I get the picture now, stir the crap and when it gets too hot fall back on the old favs( pied piper me a@#e) Your a fool.

    • stop running..............wot about our bet..???

    • Great post. Wingers arn´t the issue.Correct selection at the topof the game is more important for me.

    • With Pennant injured and would of played Babel or crouch instead of Kuyt what we had out on the pitch on Sunday was our best team and the major flaw was, our wings just was'nt good enough.
      Their is no point of having all the possesion,play the better football and so on if we fail to.
      A.deliver the killer pass
      B. score.

      Babel will be a better striker than winger, he admitted it at his press conference when he joined he wants to play striker.
      The lad is hungry and Torres is looking good so why not pair them up and see what happens.
      What we need in Jan is a good centreback, Mascherano deal done and a world class winger who can deliver the ball that our forwards needs.

    • ...and we seemed to have spent YEARS picking these people to own our club!

      I might actually eat my shirt in fustration (last years not the '77 version) ;o).

    • Ok I concede this point. Babel up front with Torres bodes well with me. Then we have a winger prob. Whos it gonna be?

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