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  • chris n chris n Feb 20, 2008 23:42 Flag

    Brilliant performance

    I love liverpool and am red to the bone and weighing up the whole game last night we did deserve the result.

    I think inter came for a draw before the sending off and when that happens surely any real football fan would give the attacking more adventurous team their dues.

    I agree that the two bookings were light at best and that the referee had a bad game. but like it or not in this day and age, when alot of players drop like they have been shot at the slightest touches, (every team has them and alot are far far worse than stevie or torres for example ronaldo(not as bad as he has been granted), eboue(also the dirtiest player in the premiership), drogba, joe cole etc etc I could go on and on and on), if a player touches the shirt or goes in late or hard they are going to get punished. Bring back the old days when the game was a mans sport I say!!!! (Julian Dicks, Tommy Smith, Chopper Harris etc etc)