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    The truth about LFC's spending

    I've been reading these kinds of comments on here for a while now and it set me thinking what the truth of the matter actually was:

    LFC Sofa Supporter: "Rafa is in his 3rd yr and doesn't have nowhere the funds SAF has so if we get 2nd spot that'll make me proud."

    jk80jk: "joke in the transfer market?
    Give him the sort of money Ferguson has had and I think you'll find if he could get the players he actually wants he'll be fine....
    Other than Torres we haven't been able to compete with the likes of man utd and Chelsea in the transfer market... simple as that mate..."

    So here are the spending records of both Liverpool and Manchester United since the begining of the Benitez era:



    27/5/04 Alan Smith £7m
    11/6/04 Gabriel Heinze £6.9m
    31/8/04 Wayne Rooney £29m
    Total spent: £42.9m

    26/5/04 Danny Pugh £1m
    29/7/04 Nicky Butt £2.5m
    20/8/04 Diego Forlan £2m
    31/1/05 Eric Djemba-Djemba £1.35m
    Total Received: £6.85

    United net spent: £36.05m

    Running Net Total: £36.05m


    1/7/04 Djibril Cisse £14m
    27/7/04 Josemi £2m
    1/8/04 Javier Luis Garcia £6m
    1/8/04 Xabi Alonso £10.5
    13/08/04 Antonio Nunez, £2m
    13/1/05 Fernando Morientes £6.3m
    21/1/05 Scott Carson £0.75m
    Total spent: £41.55m

    20/5/04 Emile Heskey £6.25
    10/8/04 Danny Murphy £2.5
    13/8/04 Michael Owen £10m
    Total Received: £18.75m

    Liverpool net spent: £22.8m

    Running Net Total: £22.8m



    1/6/05 Edwin van der Sar £1.2m
    5/7/05 Ji-Sung Park £4m
    19/7/05 Ben Foster £1m
    4/1/06 Nemanja Vidic £7m
    10/1/06 Patrice Evra £5.5m
    Total spent: £18.7m

    4/8/05 Philip Neville £3.5m
    8/8/05 Kleberson £2.5m
    Total Received: £6m

    United net spent: £12.7m

    Running Net Total: £48.75m


    4/7/05 Jose Reina £6m
    4/7/05 Mark Gonzalez £4.5m
    13/7/05 Mohamed Sissoko £5.6
    20/7/05 Peter Crouch £7m
    12/1/06 Daniel Agger £5.8m
    Total spent: £28.9m

    16/6/05 El-Hadji Diouf £4m
    23/8/05 Milan Baros £6.5m
    Total Received: £10.5m

    Liverpool net spent: £18.4m

    Running Net Total: £41.2m

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    • United sell players to fund transfers every season, as do all other clubs. When we got van Nistelrooy, we lost Beckham, when we got Carrick, we lost van Nistelrooy, etc. Both clubs sold £33.2m worth of players to fund their transfers this season. United also usually sign players on performance related deals so they rarely pay the full quoted price up-front. This season Anderson & Nani were signed on such deals with about half of the full prices being paid up-front. Wayne Rooney was signed on a similar deal. The only player we payed a full fee of about £18m for this season was Hargreaves.

    • Didn't really work so far though, did it? You've been spending money to "catch up with United" since 1993 and only finished higher than us in one season, under the leadership of a manager who is constantly derided on this board, despite getting better results than any other LFC manager in the past two decades.

    • We spent £70m to catch up with Man Utd ..

    • Well we couldn't afford to buy 2 - 3 players of the £18m price bracket in one season like Man Utd can !! Season after season not without selling players first....

    • If you are "no where near as rich as Man Utd" how come you've spent more money than us?

      And for the record, United have never paid out for "4 players around the £20m price bracket", never mind doing it with "relative ease".

      In fact, it's these baseless arguments and popular myths that I've been attempting to dismiss with this thread.

      The most United have ever spent in one season was £57m in the summer we bought Van Nistelrooy, Veron, Forlan, Carroll and Steele. That figure has been easily eclipsed by the £70m LFC have spent this season.

      In fact, Since the begining of the Premier League, Liverpool (with "relative ease") have spent more than United in each of the following seasons: 1992/93, 1993/94, 1994/95, 1995/96, 1997/98, 1999/2000, 2000/01, 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/08

    • The fact is Tim LFC are no where near as rich as Man Utd... we could'n't afford 4 players around the £20m price bracket like Man Utd can with relative ease..

    • As a United fan, I know exactly what you mean. I'd like to see Rafa stay for a few more years too. I just hope you stop "making your own luck" as well!

    • Rafa wouldn't have had as much money because the club wouldn't have had as much money, since they made a fortune from winning the trophy. You make your own luck in life I always say that.

      What I do find very odd about alot of rival fans (not including yourself) is this, why do so many other fans spend so much time trying to convince us to get rid of Rafa? We have some false ID's like Jose Pombal and Paisley_Shanks trying to concvince us to turn on him. That is weird, if United had a sh*t manager I wouldn't create a fake ID trying to turn the fans against him. I would genuinely hope he stayed.

      I think Rafa would have been given the time and I think he's worth it he's a manger I like and rate highly. Our club is very patient with the managers, just look at Houllier, he should have been out of a job for over 18 months before our useless board finally got round to sacking him.

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