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  • keiron keiron Apr 28, 2008 00:57 Flag

    Liverpool offically qualified for CL

    Just watched the everton aston villa game today and because everton didnt win we have offically qualified now just thought i would share as its always good to know and now cant wait for wednesdays game

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    • Nothing good to know, as Liverpool has already wrapped up 4th place when we beat Everton at Anfield. Everton squad has never been good enough to challenge for the Champions League place in the first place, and it shows.

      That is why I never take those Everton related threads in here seriously. Yakubu as good as Torres... Haa!! = )

    • We had yesterday actually regardless of Everton. Goal difference had already seen to it....time to play some reserves methinks!!! (as if we hadnt been already)