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  • colin colin Dec 1, 2008 04:32 Flag

    Result v WHU ?

    After Arsenals result at Chelski today do u think it possible that Mr Benitez might just consider sending our lads out to WIN v WHU rather than just NOT to lose ? Unless we get a change in tactics we are likely to see another couple points dropped and no entertainment at all in another hapless bore draw 0.0 as the master tactician fails yet again to come up with a winning solution against a blanket defense.
    Id like to see Ryan Babel given a chance in the centre partnering Kuyt with Riera and Pennant , true wide men,hitting the line and cutting back fast crosses with Gerrard able to lurk on the edge of the box to pick up anything comes loose. Or failing that ....anything exciting...PLEASE !!!

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    • Got to say...good initial post - but doesn't take a lot to read Rafa's mind does it :-)

      Typical 'faint heart' tactics AGAIN by him...

      I'd be excited usually by the upcoming transfer window - but I'm afraid we need 2 or 3 players and a manager who isnt frightened - we're not going to get either..

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      • Bill B I started this thread and wonder how many of the muppets out there with their seeming blind faith in :the master tactician: Benitez are now starting to FINALLY have some doubts about this guy being able to lead us to domination of EPL ?
        WHU FULHAM STOKE these are sides we should be crushing at home but :the master tactician: doesnt yet have an answer to sides that get bodies back behind the ball when they come to Anfield. Why not ? ... because no matter who he selects to go out there on the day he sends them out NOT to lose rather than to win; until that philosophy is turned around to the point where he actually sends these boys out to play football TO WIN we are going to be served up more of the same boring dross...dont blame the players in the squad they only play the way they are told they must ...so blame the person advising them to play this way and that person is THE MASTER TACTICIAN Mr Rafael Benitez.

    • We have to go out with our strongest team possible,cause we can't drop any points.

      Rafa should play Babel up front Kuyt cause Keane isn't exactly doing what he's payed to do.
      Gerrard and Alonso in the middle,with Benny and Riera on the wings.
      The defence as normal,with Dossena left as far away from Anfield as possible(must be Rafa WORST buy of all Time)

      We need max points.

    • Too be honest win lose or draw your still only gonna finish 3rd at best.

      Although id personally like to see you finish 2nd above chelsea as it quite apt that youve been 2nd best for the past 18 years whilst United go onto WIN THERE 18TH TITLE!!!

      Roll on May