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  • ben h ben h Aug 1, 2009 21:50 Flag

    How to fill the Alonso gap?

    Should he go, which seems likely given the amount of smoke wafting around, how can he be best replaced?

    Alonso's role in the team: Holding midfielder that provides the main link from defense to attack, not especially good at providing shield to the defense (unlike mascherano) but can do a decent job. His main skills are creativity, passing and intelligence.

    The main problem when trying to think of a replacement to Alonso IMO is you could make the mistake of:

    1. Purchasing someone that is too defensively minded without much ability on the ball (ie Cattermole)
    2. Purchase someone that is a little too lightweight for his position (ie Silva)

    My proposed solution would be buy David Villa if he can be lured to Liverpool from Valencia and drop Gerrard back into holding midfield.

    Pros: Gerrard would do a good job in holding midfield, quite possibly better than Alonso's and david Villa has worked with Torres before, and incidently, is a very good footballer. Should be affordable with the sale of Alonso.

    cons: seems a waste of Gerrards new found attacking instincts and Torres does not seem to play too well with Villa up front in the Spanish national squad.

    Any other suggestions?

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