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  • Hobsey Hobsey Aug 10, 2009 22:23 Flag

    Will we really miss Alonso that much?

    Now dont get me wrong i thought Alonso was superb and never wanted him gone. The thing is I think we have his place covered already. Lucas for all his faults is a good young talent and between him and Aquilani we have two CM who I am not saying are as good as Alonso but they have strengths that he did not. Lucas' workrate is phenomenal and when we go away to Stoke or Bolton the man has the stomach for a fight, Aquilani on the other hand has pace, a superior first touch and an eye for a finely threaded attacking pass. The pair also have age on their side.

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    • On todays debarcle i would say its a resounding


    • Alonso was a quality player last season, and for all his strengths he also had weaknesses 1/Not very pacey 2/ Only scored 3-4 a season, when we already have Maschrano who scores rarely we need someone who can score 8-10a season 3/ very inconsistant...when he was great he was truely great when he was poor he was none existant. Although I don't think Lucas is ready at least he will get more chances to develope and from what I've seen of aquilani he's a great signing....only time will tell.

    • I think there is little doubt we will miss him, as you cannot loose a player of his ability without seeing some effect. But I do think you make some valid points here.

      For me Alonso was the player who could control the tempo of the game, and provide those all important passes to unlock attacking options. But for all his passing skills, this was not always effective in breaking down those teams that parked the bus. No matter how good a passer he was, when there is no room, you just can't thread that ball.

      So, in fact in prem matches at least against the Stoke type teams, we might actually be better off without him (maybe). Rather than slowing things down looking for the killer pass, we might be better off with a midfielder who can run at defenders and create space with by using their pace. We'll miss his patience but we might be better off driving into stubborn teams, rather than trying to cleverly pass our way around them.