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  • Kenny 7 Suarez Kenny 7 Suarez Jan 3, 2010 03:33 Flag

    Unlucky Reading

    On tonight's performance they really did deserve to go through and not be forced to play a replay.

    We made crap look good.

    Lucas has to be ones of the worst signings in the last 10 years.
    Insua, no point in defending him he has played enough games now, he was awful couldn't pass wind never mind a cold.
    No one played with any passion or commitment, not even Gerrard.

    2nd half we looked like a 2nd division team.

    Totally disgusted with our performance and fair play to reading for trying to capitalise on it.

    We need a bloody huge clear out at Anfield. Sooner than later.

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    • Raf, we'll have to wish the lad a happy birthday, and hope he can get himself a birthday goal. One like he put away against Arsenal in CC would be memorable.

      I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one, and let time be the judge on if the lad can progress or not. It’s a bit hard to come up with reliable stats that can tell us the story, especially for players who really play multiple roles being both attackers and defenders. A goalie and I judge by save percentage, or a striker by goals per shots, but LB is a bit harder.

      What I did do is look at his pass completion rate, as this is usually a fair indicator of a player overall performance, as it measures control. However with Insua it really tells a rather consistent picture. Over the last 4 league matches (Villa, Wolves, Pompy, Wigan) he's had an 89% pass completion rate, while in the first 4 league matches of the season (Spurs, Stoke, Villa, Bolton), he was at 85%. So maybe a slight improvement, but really quite consistent.

      What I could not find is anything that points to the thought he looses the ball 8 out of 10 times he goes forward. With such a high pass completion rate it suggests it’s not from wayward passes or crosses, and even the tackles complete and lost come no where near such a high lost ball level, so you'll have to let me know how you got that impression.

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    • Hi Piers

      Thank you for replying in such a thought out way. I agree with the vast majority of your post. I agree that our problems go way back and are not limited to the Rafa era as many would have you believe.

      I also think that Rafa has his issues. To my mind he has improved us greatly during his time in charge but there is a shelf-life to most managers' careers at any one club - time will tell whether this is the case with Rafa. I think the team have to have a much better 2nd half of the season in terms of performance if not results to convince me that he is the right man to lead us into next year. That said, like Dave posts, who else is going to win us the title given how far behind the commercials & infrastructure of our competitors we are?

      Any, thanks again for a most interesting and thought-provoking post.

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    • Good post Piers, your right it’s nice and meaty of which of course I approve.

      While I don't agree with you on all points, especially some of the tactical details and the importance of Paco (remember he's been gone a while know, yet we still challenged last season), I do think you bring out some very important points.

      The key being, in your first post, you bring out some very real, and very serious structural problems our club has, which while they can be corrected, its not going to happen overnight, and honestly I don't think they'll happen under our current ownership structure.

      With that said, and even with the limitations Rafa has, many of which I agree with, the question becomes can any manager take us forward until those structure issues are addressed?

      I know many tout Maureen, O'Neil, and some ever M Jol to take over, but all would face the same issues. All would have to operate on a budget where they need to sell before they can buy, as its unlikely serious investment will come under our current ownership regime. Maybe they could do a marginally better job identifying better quality players, but your still only dabbling around the edges. Fact is we have a massive handbrake on, while most of our main rivals just got themselves a shinny new motor and are pumping in high octane fuel.

      While this is maybe more apparent now with City obviously, but also as both Spurs and Villa are threatening, but the situation has been like this a while. Therefore unless we get the stadium, and or major investment I just don't see us taking a huge step forward, so any progress we can make on our rivals while that handbrake is on has to be seen as success. And, for me, while our current dip maybe a harbinger of bad things, looking over Rafa's overall tenure I see us at least moving in the right direction.

    • Okay so your arguement os going about limitations of Aurelio whne he has played as a RB, which I can't ever recall him doing ever.

      You go on about Insua's "Attacking threat", yes he cut back and got the ball for Gerrard to score, doesn't mean he can be forgiven for the tripe he played the rest of the match.
      Yea he can run at defences but 8/10 times he loses the ball and very rarely puts a good cross in (don't mention the Gerrad goal the other week) like I said rarely.
      Dossena even when playing LB had a better attacking threat than Insua and put better balls in and also attcked the ball better when brought in from the other side.

      Experience does make a player better, but it all depends if the player can adapt to learn to get better.
      On the eveidence shown by Insua so far je looks like a player that is still struggling to adapt.
      He has played in 33 league games(not included cup games and friendlies) now for us, surley that's enough experience need to know the minimum requirements for this league.
      Dave you have to admit your wrong on this one, go and check the stats on this lad, he is getting worse.
      Oh and so you know that i have done my homework.
      He is 21 on thursday.

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