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  • michael michael Oct 4, 2010 11:00 Flag

    Hodgson should resign...POLL

    guys alot of you are missing the point. Yes our players are not fully up to it. Yes we need more squad strengthening and depth.

    But this team at the least is capable of 7th, Woy's tatics are quite possibly going to put us in a relegation battle. He is out of his depth.

    Your form a battleplan to the personnel you have you don't try to make them fit a universal battleplan that has 'always worked for you'.

    I'll say it again, time to go- as mysteron said perhaps when we get new owners but hnestly I'm of the opinion turn the club over to Kenny now and piss Sammy off down the road with Woy.

    Get back Phil Thompson to assist and see if we can get in Hyppia and Hammann.