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  • Jason Jason Oct 8, 2010 03:20 Flag

    Roy Hodgson will remain as Manager.

    This is a statement coming from NEVS, presuming the legal issues go accordingly and the sale is complete.

    If it's ok with scousenj, that I comment on HIS Liverpool and HIS Red Sox, I can share more, but only after he approves, unless of course anyone else is interested..

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    • LoL @ Woy being strong but fair !!!

      He's not even Stwong but Faiw !

      Personally I can do without another shower of lying rich Yanks that talk outa their assholes & are only happy to be a part of English culture & dont give a shit about the club or its fans .

      Woy Hodgson is Yank standard , a spineless yes man that does a does a good line in excuses , a younger version would be Klinsman or God forbid Bob Fuckin Bradley !

      They can fuck off as far as I'm concerned .

    • I'm just giving the best, most accurate updates based on what I see and hear as it comes along, not trying to start rumors or lean one way or another. That was their exact statement, and although I think we are all displeased with Roy for one reason or another, having been around to see how this Sox regime operate over the past 10 years, I wouldn't be astonished if it were true, at least for the time being. Though yes it could be to appease the masses..

      I'm sure they have someone doing their homework to see what else is available out there, but assuming the sale goes through clean and swiftly it could be hasty to sack him during an international break and going into Goodison.

      In my honest opinion, based on experience with how the Sox operate I think Roy will be given some time, how much, I don't know... The manager they hired when they took over, Terry Francona had a similar managerial track record like Roy, but had never won anything. He is a very strong, but fair manager who is a combination of player's coach and team first, and he's not afraid to bench his stars. If I had to compare him to someone it'd be David Moyes.

    • Haven't got the go ahead, but since I've seen it in the news again just now figured I'd share so we can all divert away from the "sacking Hodgson" talk and posts... at least for the time being.

      Hodgson was assured his job is safe as the takeover reaches it's final stages, pending legalities.

      He is regarded as the ideal manager to lead the side into a very exciting new future.

      "We are extremely happy with this manager, who we believe is the right person to take this club forward"

      "We are enthusiastic about winning and investing in this team, stadium development and doing all the right things to move the club forward and return it to it's place among the elite teams in England and Europe.

      "We are going to be hands-on and have a proven, winning track record of that."

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      • Early days Jason of course but, how does a firm with the winning mentality reconcile the remark that Hodgson is the ideal candidate to take things forward I wonder? Do they know something we don´t about his "winning" track record? I think it´s just a placatory throw away and they will act sooner rather than later to replace him if things don´t rapidly pick up and prove him and Kuyt right.