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  • David E David E Jan 7, 2011 18:28 Flag

    Sell Torres!!!!

    I know on his day he is amazing but i think he has been a disgrace this season as have a lot of players.
    I dont think we should be held to ransom by these so called superstars who sulk just because they dont see investment in the squad.
    He is paid extremely well to perform to his best and so far all i have seen is him stroll around the field with his head down looking like a refugee!

    If he wants out - sell him!
    I think we need a complete clear out and to do things properly. Sure we wont win things for a while but at least we can concentrate on buying players that will die for the shirt.
    We need more leaders and shouldnt be fielding players like Glen Johnson, Lucas and many others when we could give youth a chance who would at least want to impress the manager and not be happy to just pass sideways and expect Gerrard to win every game for them.
    We lose nearly every week with those guys so what have we got to lose!

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    • David

      Have you looked long and hard at your team?

      Its the stupid manager playing the wrong formation he thinks that Torres is that idiot he had at Fulham Zamora who will run around like a headless chicken chasing long punted balls all bl@@dy day well Torres is world class and wont do that
      and why the hell should he
      The manager is so far out his depth its like making a diving pool the babies paddling pool

      With one loss to the team that finnished 7th he has managed to drag your team more or less into the relegation dog fight
      It all very well folk blaming raffa for the problems but i think more blame lies in other directions who was it that bought konchesky and poulson???? also bought 1 decent player but plays him out of position to accomodate LUCAS??? please

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      • Well if things continue as they are I'd hardly be surprised to see Torres handing in a transfer request, and when he does expect the rest do too..

        Reina, Gerrard, Johnson, Agger, Kuyt, Babel, Aquilani,...

        Whose gonna wanna come to a team that has no big names and big ideas?...

      • torres is a class player but this season has given up trying to adapt his game with the ball being hoofed up to him and he probably has a crick in his neck watching the ball come out of the floodlights with snow on it
        the style of football this season has been an eye opener to me as a liverpool fan because before this season only carra hoofed it up the pitch but now everything is played back to the defense or gk and its punted upfield to our strikers who have never had to battle in the air for every ball like they have this season

    • Has it occurred to you the reason why Torres is a shadow of his former self is due to Hodgson's long ball tactics..

      Torres is the kind of player who thrives on service being made from passes from midfield.

      Hodgson's tactic is to lob the ball and hit and hope the striker gets it..

      No you're way off get rid of Hodgson and have a manager who employs the free flowing passing game and make full use of Torres' skills..