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  • M M Jan 12, 2011 00:31 Flag

    Fernando Torres - an absolute DISGRACE!

    P&S - in the past, i have agreed with a lot of what you have said...but your most recent post is a joke.

    to ship out FT now would be the wrong thing to do. whatever you may say, he is, along with Reina, Carragher and Gerrard, one of the few world class talents at the club, and he should be given a chance to re-discover his form, his fitness...his edge....whatever. he has shown flashes of brilliance this season vs Chelsea, and the amazing finish vs Bolton off the sublime Gerrard pass....so clearly, he's still got it....he just needs to play in a team that can harness that brilliance on a more consistent basis.

    that said, if a giant bid comes in for him in the summer, then he's likely to leave....however, it is way to hasty to talk about getting rid of him.....

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    • This is LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL club son... we shouldn't be reliant on one fcuking player - especially one that spends more time in the treatment room than on the pitch, and when he is on the pitch this season has looked more like a fcuking crippled DONKEY than a hiughly pad THOROUGHBRED!!!!!!!!!.

      No doubt you were one of the muppets who was saying Torres is "the next Ian Rush already a legend"!

      ahahahha - THAT statement alone shows just how deluded and used to mediocrity todays armchair plastic warriors are!

      I'm saying he's a goner and we need to get rid NOW so that King Kenny has some DECENT money to replace with TWO quality strikers

      I have complete faith in my manager, I have NO faith in backing RAFA'S donkeys who Hodgson only made worse...

      A message for all you fickle creeps - any friend of the current LFC squad assembled by SACKED and SHAMED Rafa is an enemy of LFC and therefore an enemy of King Kenny and ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Walk on muppets WALK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Third world ignorance did you say Paisley? Well, better include Kenny in that since he is on record as saying he will return Torres to the position of most feared striker in the premier league. Get behind your manager did you say?

      I just did!.

      Your post may have relevance if Torres fails to respond but it seems that Kenny, me and the bulk of our fans would prefer to give him a chance before calling for his removal. As far as his dismal performance this season goes, we´ve had a racehorse being asked to pull a cart. But maybe you think he should be capable of doing that? Sensible answers please and no insults P & S.

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      • Well Migs, Scotland is indeed a third world country,and just like Ireland and soon to be Spain/Portugal, all reliant on handouts from superior countries such as... ENGLAND so I shall include Kenny if you wish!

        Link to that statement from King Kenny then lad and not from the Sun or Daily Star either!!!!!!!!!

        Can you not SEE Miggy that Torres is another bust?

        The boy has been terrible for the past two seasons. An injury prone NIGHTMARE whose whole demeanour is that of a spent force who needs the sunshine and paella of ESPANA to reignite his lust for life!

        Let someone else pamper the boy on 80 GRAND a week - this is LIVERPOOL FC mate, a club whose architect BILL SHANKLY once said to Tommy Smith about his knee "'Take that poof bandage off, and what do you mean YOUR knee, it's LIVERPOOL'S knee!'

        Cut your losses - get some cash back before it's too late and REPLACE the spent force TORRES!