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  • Miguel Miguel Jan 31, 2012 21:40 Flag

    Jose Enrique

    Just gets better and better! Magnificent tonight and why he is not in the Spanish national side is a mystery to me. Great to see Andy Carroll get on the scoresheet with some fine assists too. Bellamy superb as well of course. Well done the lads, a fine performance.

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    • Agreed Miguel... that ball he played on the counter for the 3rd goal was magnificent... seemed to have covered 40 yards and split Wolves apart.. How or why he cannot even get a call up to La Furia Roja baffles me..

      I follow La Liga quite closely, along with the Spanish side when I'm able to, and as far as I'm concerned the best lb in that league, and maybe the world, Eric Abidal of Barca is French... nobody else remotely stands out to me for LB, whereas I can think of an abundance of strikers, wingers, midfielders...

      Enrique for President!!

    • My guess theirs better players available to them?

      True he's been an excedllent player for us and as adapted well and quickly to our style..

      I just wish other players would also adapt quickly as he has..

    • Patrice Evra is on the slide, Ashley Coles lost his pace (and his ability to stay on the pitch) so Leighton Baines is the only player contesting the team of the season berth with him and he hasnt really been on fire!
      I look across Europes biggesnt clubs and you see a 32yr old Abidal at Barca, Real have Coentrao and Marcelo who cant defend and almost throught default I would stick my neck out and call him the best left back in the world right now! Big statement but I dont see an argument against it!

      The one worry I have is when Spain inevitably come calling, those horrible little ball hogs at Barcelona will try and poison his mind with thoughts of leaving!

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      • Yes, that is a worry Hobs. For me, I would agree I cant see a more complete left back anywhere in the world just now. His contribution last night was stunning - can´t remember him being bested once.

        On a different issue, if you take Enrique, Bellamy, Carroll (now he is finding his feet) Downing (improving) and leave a questionmark only over Henderson and maybe Adam (too many fouls) it´s not looking such a bad overall "ins" deal for the club despite what a lot of the doubters are saying.

    • No doubt Enrique has impressed, and was wonderful last night. I also agree Carroll was showing the form we hoped for when we bought him. I'm not talking about the goal, but the fact he put himself about, caused their back line problems, and again created a number of flicks some of which I have to blame our midfielders for not taking advantage of.

      But want to call someone else out. IMO, having Jay back is what allowed us to do so well further forward. We still miss Lucas, but Jay when available has done a great job filling in, and I think helps both Adam and Henderson have more confidence to get forward, as well as assure Johnson and Enrique they won't be left hanging if they also push up field.