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  • Armchair, the more I read of your posts on here the more I'm convinced that your just a total buffoon !
    You say you're a 42 year old lifelong Liverpool fan but speak with the naivity of a teenager.
    Your ignorance for a supposed "lifelong" Liverpool fan is incredible. You know nothing about Hillsborough and obviously don't wish to read up on this, and the way you act like a child when things go wrong is unbelievable,"this doesn't work get me a new one, get me Messi, get me Mourhino"!
    For fucks sake get in the real world, shit happens so get a grip rather than chucking the dummy out when things go wrong!
    You say you are a Liverpool supporter but haven't read the Taylor report and also apparently has no idea about Kenny and what he has given to the club. To spout the lazy shite that the media dose about being out of management too long...PLEASE. Do you honestly think someone with a football brain like Kenny's ever switches off?
    Yes everyone deserves an opinion but not when it's so shallow.
    So if you want to start trying to support then do so or fuck off to another team.